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  1. i am running guru mahadasha and facing severe problems. why isn't hamsa yoga not working ? Hi, Guru in meena lagna as lagna lord is very aspicious. It is a hamsa yoga. It will lead to all comforts in life, education, wealth, and respect in life. Thanks Chakri
  2. thanks sandhu. but when will it start showing effects ? any idea ... thanks again
  3. HEllo friends. i have guru in lagna in his own house . meena lagna. some astrologers are telling me its a dosha . is that true ? i am running guru maha dasha . pls advise
  4. hindustani... which mukhi rudraksha are you wearing ?
  5. hindustani.. i am checking the payment modes..... any shops in bombay ?
  6. there is no ashram... a small shop in dadar... i was sooo disappointed goin there. those idiots know nothing except taking money out of people ....
  7. hindustani. i have a strong feeling that you know a lot about rudraksha but are not sharing it wid me .... give me your email id. i need to talk to you .
  8. hindustani. this looks good. let me try . thanks .. where are you from ?? do you have any personal exp with rudraksha ? tell me more
  9. sant.most of online sites sell fake stuff ..i found that out
  10. hindustani ...... rudraksha r good but MOST ARE FAKE . FINDING REAL ONE IS TOUGH.... LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND ANY... THANKS
  11. thanks apollo and shri... i have already been to that dadar pujari which u sent a link. THEY ARE FRAUDS who know nothing
  12. shri . you are right. do you know any good sadhak who can cure it ?
  13. hello hindustani. do you know anyone who can guide me as to how many mukhi rudraksh to wear and also energise it ? let me know . i already wore 10 faced and 5 faced . i am from bombay
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