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  1. Thank you Mr Mathur for your detailed analysis. I am so very thankful to all of you. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks a lot
  2. Can my Mommy donate Udad Dal/Cocunut every saturday on my behalf coz I am in US and it's been only month and a half since I have been here (It will not be possible for me to do it here). Thank you very much for all your help.
  3. Thanks Deepa. I apprecaite your help. I would start reciting mantras told by you and would update you about the results (hopefully good).
  4. Do I need to recite Durga saptashati everyday or only once.
  5. i already hav a gold pendal with Moonga, Yellow Saphire and Moti..now a days I m not wearing it coz I live with few roommates so i hv put it in between 2 pics of mine (this was suggested to me by one of the astrologers)...Ruby how many rattis and in what...Cud u pls tell me this...thanks
  6. thank u very much for your analysis. From the answer it appears that this anus problem will stay even after november 2008. Correct me pls if i am wrong. If it stays then it's gonna be annoying for me...i m ready to get operated...homeopathy...accupressure and whatever to cure it but i want to kill this disease once for all. please suggest specifically if u cud. I apologize if i m bothering u a lot but i really don't hav any other choice. Thank u Sir
  7. Hi Deepa/Astro_Tech One more questions if I may please Do you guys see me getting over this anus problem without any further operation or I will have to go for more operation/s. Currently I am taking homeopathic medicine to cure it. The wound from previous 2 operations has still not healed completely. Please give me your valuable suggestions based on my birth details so that I don't make a mistake. Thanks in advance. Waiting on your replies
  8. Thanks Deepa for your positive suggestion. Unfortunately I cannot change my user name now. I did search for an option where I could change my user name but did not find one. If you know please let me know, I'll change it. Well I guess it's circumstances that make a person positive or negative. In my case last 5+ yrs I have struggled struggled and struggled mainly in terms of health. I did everything I could to stay healthy but nothing seems to work out for me. I have started doing Yoga also coz I realize importance of health and that too does not seem to help. I don't know when this phase is going to end but one thing is for sure I will live long and will get whatever I want in life mainly through my will power. The only thing that annoys me is this health. I have won many battles in life against odds I would say but only in health case I have not been able to Win. But I don't give up easily that's the reason I have been living on inspite of having so many problems. I hope to see your reply also and suggestions. I do try to be positive as long as I can but sometimes you know it gets out of control. Thanks
  9. Thanks you astro_tech for your response. So does that mean I have to suffer next 5 months at least. Will this problem go away from November? In these last 5+ years I've had everything from Malaria, dengue, Jaundice, all sorts of infections apart from this nagging Anus problem, the only thing that did not happen was I did not die from all these things and I am sure I will not die but I keep getting these illnesses one way or the other. I am able to survive only because of my will power and/or my well wishers wishes (family).
  10. Nope I have never been married. My time of birth is 10.04 PM. Hoping to see an answer. Thanks
  11. Hi, I die every moment every day since last 5+ years and still there is no respite. Here is my problem details On Jan 14th 2008 I got operated for Fissure in Anus (Chronic 5+ yrs, was under homeopathic treatment for all this time but it never got healed completely so decided to get operated) and after 2 weeks fissure got treated but there developed an infection (right at the point where the operation wound was) and puss started coming out of that infection. The doctor said a cavity has developed and he operated that cavity on Feb 4th 2008. Due to this operation there was a big wound outside the anus. It's been more than 2 months now since I was operated for Fistula in Anus but still I have puss like discharge coming out of the anus. This is very painful for me both physically as well as mentally. After getting operated my problem even worsened. I live in pain everyday and have been living since december 2002 i.e. when the problem started. Now I am not even able to take homeopathy as I have left India and moved to US on 4th April 2008. My details Ravinder Sharma DOB: 25th Dec 1978 Place: Sonepat (Haryana) India Time: 10.04 PM Q1. When will I be able to live a healthy life?When will this anus problem go away? Hoping to get a detailed answer. Thanks I appreciate your help in advance!!!
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