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  1. I have already replied in this regard read QUOTE- Therefore, you can only depend upon your Karmas and astrological remedies. Stregthen your Sun. And do remedies for Venus and Saturn: Offer services to Tulsi Plant daily and light Diya (mustard Oil) on Wednesdays. Donate black dal (Sabut Urad) and mustard oil (Sarso Tel) in temple on Saturdays. Quantity can be taken as per afforadability. Offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi on every Friday. In north India, people perform Satyanarayan Pooja on Fridays. If you try, you can easily find a small book (around 10-12 rupees) containing all the information in hindi regarding performing of Satyanarayan Pooja. It is simple and easy to perform and have been found of giving good results during similar cirumstances. - END QUOTE. Each and everything can not be fixed on astrological Basis. The Role of Karma is Supreme and is quite capable of providing suitable relief in all kind of problems. Perform the remedies with dedication and faith; and may be you can have some good results. Discussing over the chart is not likely to solve the problem while doing remedies can generate suitable hope and chances. The choice is yours...!!!
  2. Mars is not only combust but is debilitated too. Ketu will be transiting over Mars, Sun and Jupiter placed in 5th house of your chart. Transits have got very limited impact depending upon the nature of Dasa one is undergoing. Overall, Ketu's transit in fifth house is not welcomed.
  3. were there any proposal or hope during nov 2007 and between April-May 2007 ?
  4. since when you are unemployed....!!!!
  5. As per my understanding Rahu's placement is not bad. Mars aspecting its own sign in 7th house; don't think it is a Kuja Dosh
  6. Teaching, Marketing, Software in decreasing order will be suitable fields for your. In fact, Teaching is the most suited profession for you to work and perform better. The chart does not denote smooth and trouble free professional life. Though, the sub-periods of favorable planets i.e. Sun (9th lord; favorable though weak being debilitated in Navamsha; can understand as having a friend who is weak; try to favor you but can not support fully and indepedently); Mars (April 1999 to May 2000) - quite strong and favorbly placed in your chart - this period is likely to be quite supportive and beneficial for professional, financial and social matters. Rahu (June 2000 to May 2003) - mixed results with some good financial gains while the period would have kept you on your toes with lot of tension and pressure Jup ( June 2003 to Jan 2006) - Moderate positive results in professional matters with lots of obstructions. It is thereafter, that you entered in the antardasa of Saturn in Mahadasa of Venus i.e. from Feb 2006 to March 2009. Saturn is a malefic planet ruling 2nd and 3rd houses which will cause the problems mentioned in my response. So when it is allowed to operate, it will try to pose problems and work negatively. And with weak professional significations, it (Saturn) can have its full say.
  7. The question is valid, though personally I always use Vimshotary Dasa System. Besides, what ever Dasa System one follows, it just can not change the good and bad combinations taking place in the chart.
  8. Doe_eye, be patient, appropriately analysing a chart takes at-least 15-30 minutes without interruption. This forum is not meant for handing over lolly-pops to the querriest through the very general principles of astrology. Each and every astrologer over here is very serious and responsible about the astro-analysis. It takes time. Anyway, here goes my analysis of your daughter's chart as per my limited understanding of astrology: Education and Profession: Chart denotes moderately good educational and professional accomplishments specifically in medical, legal and religion. The presence of Moon in the Lagna, being lord of 5th house is a very good combination. The dasas of planets, though, are not favorable and may cause problems. The Mahadasa of Mercury, under which she took birth, will remain effective till 30 Dec 2011. Mercury is ill placed in 8th house and has exchanged house relationship with Venus, which is a highly malefic planet for the nativity. Being natural significator of education, the weakness of Mercury is capable of producing problems in educational matters due to health problems. The next mahadasa will be of Ketu (30 Dec 2011 to 30 Dec 2018) which is also ill placed in 6th house and conjunct with malefic Saturn. But, in my opinion, this period is not likely to pose problems in educational matters and she may excel in her education if she adopts the favorable arenas i.e. legal, medical and religion. Overall, educational and professional matters are likely to remain good despite some odds. Her health and general life: The aspect of Venus over the Moon; conjunction of Jup and Sun, though in 9th house reducing the malefic impact to some extent; conjunction of Ketu and Saturn in sixth house; and exchange of Venus and Mercury. All these placements and combinations denotes regular and frequent troubles in health and general life. Moreso, when she is going under mahadasa of ill placed Mercury followed by Ketu and then by Venus. All these three planets are not favorable for health and general matters of life. You need to be very careful about her health and nature.
  9. Dear USR ji In fact, I really appreciate your dedication and knowledge of astrology. You have got such a clarity of concepts and deep understanding of astrology and remedial measures; that I just do not want to create any kind of confusion in the minds of those seeking guidance from your good self. Most of the times, I have observed that our views are very much similar. Like in this case, I was on the similar lines of Mercury position and the strength of 5th and 8th houses. Even, the remedies are likely to be on the same principles. It is just that I might have got some different set of remedies which could have confused the querrer, I just edited my mail. I would love to discuss and learn from you. regards and best wishes
  10. I am getting Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna) in ending degrees. is it correct because the lagna will change to Aries in 2 minutes 35 seconds later.
  11. provide birth details of his spouse also. things appear to be quite difficult and troublesome in his chart in regard to marital and progenic matters. The presence of Venus and Jupiter in the lagna is the only hope.
  12. well, great chances for success in this regard. you are running under Mahadasa of Jupiter and antardasa of Venus; and during the time of going under treatment you will be running under pratyantar of Mars i.e. between 29 April to 26 June 2008. Therefore, dasas are likely to be quite favorable and supportive. PS - I was not aware that Shri USR has already offered his learned suggestions, therefore, please follow his recommendations. good luck
  13. Apparently, you have good horoscope. The Lagna is Saggitarius (Dhanu) and 9th Lord the Sun is placed therein, a very good combination. The lagna lord is placed in 10th house with Ketu. 11th house is occupied by Mars and 2nd house is occupied by Mercury. But actually, Sun is got debilitated in Navamsha Chart and hence rendered quite weak. The aspect of Saturn (conjuct with Rahu) on Sun in natal chart, become capable of significantly diluting the positive impact of Sun. In addition to this, the 10th Lord Mercury (In natal chart) is also got debilitated in navamsha chart, causing additional and specific weakness to the significations of Mercury i.e. Profession, Father, partnerships, marriage and journeys. Even, moon is got debilitated in Navamsha chart. At present, you are running under Venus mahadasa and Saturn's antardasa till 1st April 2009 and till this period, things are likely to remain troublesome and tensed on many fronts of life including health, profession, relationships with near and dear ones, mental and domestic peace. The next antardasa will be of Mercury, which is also got debilitated in Navamsha chart and hence is not likely to provide sufficient amount of support. Therefore, you can only depend upon your Karmas and astrological remedies. Stregthen your Sun. And do remedies for Venus and Saturn: Offer services to Tulsi Plant daily and light Diya (mustard Oil) on Wednesdays. Donate black dal (Sabut Urad) and mustard oil (Sarso Tel) in temple on Saturdays. Quantity can be taken as per afforadability. Offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi on every Friday. In north India, people perform Satyanarayan Pooja on Fridays. If you try, you can easily find a small book (around 10-12 rupees) containing all the information in hindi regarding performing of Satyanarayan Pooja. It is simple and easy to perform and have been found of giving good results during similar cirumstances.
  14. Gemini rises in the lagna and lagna lord Mercury is placed in 12th house along with Venus and Sun. Both Mercury and Venus are combust. Presently you are running under Mahadasa of Venus and antardasa of Moon till 18 July 2008. Apparently Moon is well placed in your 10th house, but due to being debilitated (Neecha rashi) in Navamsha Chart, it lost its strength significantly. The next antardasa will be of Mars (18 July 2008 to 19 Sept 2009) which is also debilitated in 2nd house and placed with Saturn. It is only after initiation of Rahu antardasa in Venus Mahadasa (19 Sept 2009 to 18 Sept 2012) that you can expect some significant rise in your professional matters. Though, the antardasa of Mars (18 July 2008 to 19 Sept 2009) is likely to provide some source of income depending upon following astrological remedies: As you are in USA, traditional remedies are likely to be tough for you to perform. Therefore, you should donate food items (specifically wheat and Jaggery) either either in Organisations for blind people or organisations for Aged People on Sundays. In addition to this, offer food to dogs. Offer prayers to Lord Ganapati daily in the morning. Wear an Emerald in right hand little finger in silver. In regard to your marital problems, things are likey to remain quite tough during antardasa of the Moon. Though during Mars antardasa, you can have some positive results.
  15. Lagna is Leo and Lagna Lord, the Sun, is ill-placed in 8th house along with debilitated Mercury and Moon. Not a good situation at all. Further, 7th lord Saturn is debilitated. And in addition to this,you are running under mahadasa of Ketu since 8 April 2004. Astrologically, I do not find any solace in recent future. But you can hope for some betterment with the aid of astrological remedies. I have sent the remedies through Personal Message.
  16. confirm time of birth. is it 2.30 AM on 6 Oct 1981.? If possible also provide birth details of your husband
  17. gujrat is a big state. provide name of the city.
  18. In your brother's chart, Lagna Lord Venus is combust and conjunct with cruel Sun. Jupiter ruling 3rd and 6th house is placed in 9th house and casting its malefic aspect over the lagna, fifth house and Venus. Mars ruling 2nd house (family, status, wealth) and 7th house (wife, journey, trade, partnership) is placed in 10th house in neecha Rashi. He is going under mahadasa of Sun since 24 Oct 2002 which will remain effective till 24 Oct 2008. You talk of marital problems, but I think he would have been facing similar troubles i.e. disputes, arguments, enmity, confrontations, legal problems in almost every sphere of his life. Though, you are trying to get solution for him being his brother, but it seems that he is not having smooth brotherly relationship. Only possible solution under such situation is to wait for next mahadasa of Moon which will commence from 25 Oct 2008 onwards and perform remedial measures regularly with dedication. Sun rules 11th house which denotes gains, friends and desires. Being an enemy of the Venus, it will not allow your brother to enjoy the significations of Venus freely. The more he will try to have Venus significations i.e. luxury, enjoyment, status, wealth, happiness from wife; the More Sun will act on opposite. Either, he should have performed remedies for appeasement of the Sun prior to marriage or at the time of marriage. Following remedies can be performed for mitigation of evil impact of planets over the nativity: he should offer water daily to the Sun in the morning. Donate whole wheat equal to his weight at some religious place on Sunday (one time). Offer chana dal (soaked in water) to cow on every Thursday. In your bhabhi's chart too, things are difficult. Lagna Lord Mercury is debilitated in 10th house and conjuct with Mars, Sun and exalted Venus; and also aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. With direct impact of so many planets over the lagna lord Mercury which is debilitated, she might have been having high ego and hyper-sensetive nature. Under such circumstances, it is really hard to console her. In my opinion, you can ask your brother to start performing the remedies mentioned above and wait till the mahadasa of Moon starts. I can not guarantee that this marriage will become smooth but I can assure that with the aid of remedies and patience, he can surely have some reasonable good in his life.
  19. Dear Shri USR, Very well said. I, too, was astonished over the way people are approaching. It seems that we are under some kind of obligation to respond as per their need. I would also like to suggest the members seeking astrological guidance that be polite, put specific questions in stead of looking for a detailed analysis over the board. In addition to this, I would also like to suggest that those who are already seeking astrological guidance over their charts, should refrain from giving astrological guidance to other members; many a times wrong suggestions have been observed to be given by members already seeking astrological guidance for their own charts. regards
  20. That is really a problem to explain unnecessarily. In your chart, Sun Rules 9th house i.e. there is Leo sign in 9th house. The Sun is placed in 11th house in Libra. The Sun gets debilitated in Libra which means Sun becomes weak and that means Luck becomes weak. Therefore, I suggested to wear Ruby.
  21. there is only one way. You can try yourself getting married during Rahu antardasa. You can tell your parents to solemnize your marriage as per their understanding and willingness.
  22. Jai Shree Rama Thanks for sharing. Such type of posts are much needed which not only provide hope to the distress but also strengthen the faith. best wishes
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