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  1. Dear Mr. Rao, What you say are very much logical. My anxiety stems from my own case. My birth details are as under: place - Sambalpur (Orissa) Date - 28 October 1959 Time - 1.55 AM My Lagna and rashi lord is Sun, which is debilitated in the 3rd house. I am undergoing Rahu mahadasha and Budh antardasha, and also sani sadhe sati. Rahu is in 2nd house in Kanya rashi, whose ownership is of Budh, a mitra planet. I have been advised by one learned astrologer to wear Gomed and do Rahu mantra jaap 72000 times, which I have done. Still I don't think the desired results are coming. I am also wearing Pukhraj. I am also wearing an Ek-mukhi rudraksh and an iron ring. A friend of mine who does astrological readings as a hobby advises me not to wear Gomed because that according to him means strengthening an evil planet and to do Gomed daan instead to pacify Rahu. Please advise me.
  2. Dear Sirs, I understand there is another prescription method for selecting gems - that follows the lordship of the trines. According to it you wear the gems of the lagna, 5th house and 9th house lords. But then for Simha lagna (like mine), the 5th house is owned by Jupiter and the 9th by Mars. Hence, Ruby, Pukhraj and Coral should be the ones eligible for prescription. But Jupiter is 8th house lord also. So will wearing Pukhraj give mixed results according to the effects of these two houses? regards, Narsingh
  3. Dear astro_tech, thanks for your reply. But since Sun is debilitated, shouldn't upaya be done for that, like wearing ruby, offering water to rising sun, recitation of Aditya Hridaya stotra etc.? What effect will wearing Gomed ring will have on the financial position since rahu is in 2nd house and presently it is rahu mahadasha? regards, narsingh
  4. Buy the book in Hindi published by Gita Press, Allahabad, from stalls at major Railway stations or bookstores. You will find answers to many of your questions in the book.
  5. Many many thanks Mr. astro_tech. I was wondering if any redeeming features were there in the chart! Also, what are the remedies?
  6. Dear learned sirs, I would like to have your comments on the effect Rahu has on me. I am undergoing Rahu mahadasha with Budh antardasha. The birth details are as follows : Date of birth - 28 October 1959 Place - Sambalpur, Orissa Time - 0155 hrs I notice the following in the chart : - Moon is in 1st house both in lagna chart as well as navansa chart - Vargottam ? Venus (10th lord) in lagna alongwith moon - Rahu in 2nd house (bank?) in Kanya - mitra (Budh's) rashi - Sun debilitated in Tula (3rd house) along with Mars (combust) - Exchange of house between Sun and Venus - Gaj-Kesari Yog ? Jupiter in 4th house but along with Budh. - Shani in 5th house aspecting Rahu (2nd house), 7th house (own) and 11th. - Ketu in 8th aspected by Jupiter - Mars gets exalted (in Capricorn) in Nabamsa chart From what ever discussions on Indian astrology I come across, I am getting more and more perplexed. Due to these I have the following questions" 1. What effect Rahu - in 2nd house in Kanya rashi - has on finacial position? 2. Is it advisable to wear Ruby (ascendant lord is Sun). Pukhraj (5th house lord) or Red Coral (Mars is 9th house lord) ? Or should Gomed be worn ? 3. What effect the planetary transitions - saturn in lagna (sani sadhe sati), Jupiter in sagittarius and Rahu will have on the native now in near future May I have your comments please ?
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