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  1. what is the effect of venus in virgo in both rasi and navamsha?
  2. Respected sirs, whats happens if venus is debilitated both in rasi and navamsha charts? also what happens if there are 3 debilitated planets in a chart and all three have neechabhanga yoga? would such a person be extraordinarily lucky, average or is it bad? would be grateful for your urgent help for my marriage: 3/11/85 mumbai, 10.25am thanks so much astroperson
  3. can anyone please tell me where i can download a 100 year ephimeris ? not the swiss one....Thank you!!
  4. Dear WebYogi, Thank you for your kind response, but according to the rules of manglik cancellation, When Mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio), exalted > (Capricorn) or in the houses owned by PLANETS SUPPOSED to be his > friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon) manglik dosha gets cancelled. In this case it is vrishchik lagna, and mars is in the second house - dhanu - whose lord is jupiter. So mars being in the house of his friend Jupiter as specified above should surely lead to a cancellation of the debilitation? If you do not agree, may I please request why this is so?
  5. What if someone has a Vrishchik lagna. Then the mangal in the second house is in the house of Dhanu. The lord of which is jupiter. Does that warrant a cancelation of the manglik? or does it only reduce it? Please do let me know.
  6. Can someone please tell me if mars in 2nd house for a female is manglik or not? Especially if it is vrishchik lagna and the 2nd lord is Jupiter?? Please help!!
  7. Can someone please tell me if mars in 2nd house for a female is manglik or not? Especially if it is vrishchik lagna and the 2nd lord is Jupiter?? Please help!!
  8. Respected Gurujis, I am confused some people say mangal in 2nd house is manglik and some say it is not. Could you, respected gurujis, please tell me if this lady is manglik and if the dosha is cancelled fully? will she be happily married? date of birth: 18th march 1986, time: 23.40, lat 13 05n long 80 17e thank you very sincerely astroperson
  9. I don't know how to thank you enough!!!! just one other point - isn't the boy chandra manglik? what does this mean? AP
  10. USRji first of all a very wholehearted thanks from a very worried mother who is night and day worrying abt her child non stop. girl: 6th november 1984 at 2.20pm, Bangalore India boy: 14th Sept 1983 at 12.23pm Guildford, UK Pl note: both boy and girl's 7th lords are debilitated. Also, if at all the marriage should happen, when will this marriage take place? Should we reject this proposal? May god bless you. Pranams AP
  11. I keep on bringing this up as a rishta has come for my daughter from such a combination. in this case the mars deb is lord of the boys 7th house too along with retrograde venus. I am in a quandary as to whether to accept or reject this proposal. hence my urgency. your guidance is most respected, sir.
  12. Respected USRji, Pl guruji could you clarify: If debilited mars is in cancer which is in the 9th house and jupiter is in the lagna and exalted Saturn is in Tula (12th house) - then Jupiter and saturn are both giving drishti to debilitated mars: THE QUESTION: ...."...Exaltation Dispositor -The planet who gets exalted in a sign is called the Exaltation dispositor. For instance, Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer. Hence the exaltation dispositor of Cancer is Jupiter . When the exaltation dispositor is in a quadrant (1,4,7,10th houses) either from the Ascendant or the Lunar Ascendant. This Cancellation of Debilitation is considered to be a powerful Raja Yoga......." In this case exaltatation depositor is in the lagna or 1st house and an exalted planet saturn is aspecting debilitated mars. Does this qualify for cancellation of mars debilitation? Also mars is in the 9th, on a trine from lagna, where its exaltation depositor jupiter is placed. Am so worried, so pl help me. AP
  13. Thank you so very much!!! Ever so grateful to you, I finally managed to do it. Just one question, when I fill up all details, of time place etc - the time zone latitude, longitude etc all get auto filled and I get the natal chart. However when I click on LMT box -the time zone changes (by one hour) and so does the lagna (by one sign). Shd I rely on my input of place of birth and time to get a natal chart or shd i be using the other chart caused by ticking LMT box. What does LMT stand for.? my predicament is that I now have 2 charts and don't know which is the correct one. sorry to trouble you with such a very basic question. regards AP
  14. Thanks so so very much, but this link you gave me is not downloading anything - there is a glitch on that page. Can you please please suggest - help me!!! many sites are giving me so many inaccurate readings..................
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