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  1. dear raman, pl go through my horoscope d.o.b 24/7/56 2.0 a.m. given before also. as u have advised i ask u a straight personal question question whether my saturn dasa would be good considering the lagna and positions of planets.
  2. kindly view my horoscope and u may find saturn is in the 4th pada of vishaka(jup) sar and is it beneficial being in pushkar navamsa. It is within 2.20 degree in scorpio. I have read somewhere if any planet is in pushkar navamsa it is very strong and should behave favourably. What is ur opinion.
  3. what kind of care should i take and what kind of health problem do u forsee
  4. dear astro_tech, did u go through my horoscope in detail. looking forward 4 ur guidance
  5. my d.o.birth 24/7/1956 and time 2.0 a.m. quilon district, Kerala, married and working How my saturn dasa overall. saturn dasa venus bhukti is going on. pl reply. thanks
  6. HI, Dear Astro_tech, Can i address you by this or u have any other identity? Yes my saturn dasa so far was excellent except my ketu bhukti where i lost little money rather in dispute so far. Otherwise eversince venus bhukti has started no disappointments in profession nor in family or personal life. But i have not found anything very promising. But time is there too much to go in this bhukti. so hope things will be good. Acording to my analysis since saturn is yogakaraka being owner of 9th and 10th and also venus is placed in 2nd from lagna being neutral to this lagna, i do not forsee anything bad to happen whether good will happen or not. But always advises are sought from more seniors. Hence i wrote to you. thanks for your comments. I agree with you that overall my saturn dasa must be good, because so far it was ok. Do you calculate tara chakra for longevity etc. What else do you observe in my horoscope which you can caution me. thnaks
  7. dear astro tech, how about saturn venus dasa as per my horoscope? kaalidas has different version altogether about venus bhukti in sani dasa
  8. my horoscope is of taurus lagna and sravana star. saturn is placed in scorpio with rahu. whether saturn will be yogakaraka as it is abhadhaka for this lagna. My present dasa is saturn and venus bhukti. Pl enlighten about this horoscope. saturn is having exchange with mars in acquarius. ketu is in lagna and venus in gemini and jup in leo. sun and mer in cancer.
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