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  1. Respected Guruji, My son's birth details are here- DOB - 21 July 1988 TOB - 10:30 PM POB - Indore (M.P.) India Ascendent- Meen, Sun - Kark in 5th house, Moon - Tula in 8th house, Mars - Meen in 1st house, Mercury - Mithun in 4th house, Jupiter - Vrishabh in 3rd house, Venus - Vrishabh in 3rd house, Saturn - Dhenu in 10th house, Rahu - Kumbh in 12th house, Ketu - Singh in 6th house. Vinshottari Mahadasha - Rahu - Mars. He is doning Hotel Management course. It will be completed in 2010. What he will do ? Service or Business ? When he will become independent earner ? Will he financially strong ? Please tell me . Thanks
  2. Respected Sir, Birth details are as under - DOB - 26th January 1984 TOB - 11:00:00 AM Latitude - 24:02* North, Longitude - 76:34* East Ascendent - Pisces, SUN - Capricorn in 11th house, MOON - Libra in 8th house, MARS - Libra in 8th house, MERCURY - Sagittarius in 10th house, JUPITER - Sagittarius in 10th house VENUS - Sagittarius in 10th house, SATURN - Libra in 8th house, RAHU - Taurus in 3rd house, KETU - Scorpion in 9th house Running Mahadasha - Saturn from August 1994 When her marriage will be possible & How will be her marriage life?
  3. My sister's daughter's birth details are here - DOB - 26th January, 1986 TOB - 11:00:00 AM Latitude - 76:18 East, Longitude - 24:08 North Birth Nakshatra - VISHAKHA 1st pada ASC - PISCES, SUN - Capricorn in 11th, MOON - Libra in 8th, MARS - Libra in 8th, MERCURY - Saggitarius in 10th, JUPITER - Saggitarius in 10th, VENUS - Scorpio in 9th SATURN - Libra in 8th, RAHU - Taurus in 3rd, KETU - Scorpio in 9th Please tell about her marriage time and marriage life. How her spouse will be?
  4. My daughter's birth details are here - DOB - 12th April 1985 TOB - 08:00 AM POB - Kannod, District- DEWAS, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA, Longitude - 76:45 EAST, Latitude - 22:42 NORTH Ascendent - Taurus Nakshatra - Uttarashada 1st pada SUN - Pisces in 11th house, Moon - Sagitarius in 8th house, Mars - Aries in 12th house, Mercury - Pisces in 11th house, Jupiter - Capricorn in 9th house, Venus - Pisces in 11th house, Saturn - Scorpio in 7th house, Rahu - Arires in 12th house, Ketu - Libra in 6th house Please tell me about her marriage time and about her marriage life.
  5. My daughter's birth details are as under - DOB - 12th April 1985 TOB - 08:20:00 AM POB - Kannod, Dist- Dewas, Madhya Pradesh Lagna - Vrishabh, Second House - Mithuna, Third House- karka, Fourth House- Singha, Fifth house- Kanya, Sixth house - Ketu in Tula, Seventh house- Shani in Vrishchik, Eighth House- Chandra in Dhenu, Ninth house- Guru in Makar, Tenth house- Kumbh, Eleventh house- Surya, Shukra and Budha in Meena, Twelveth house - Mangal and Rahu in Mesha. Rahu Mahadasha started from December 2007 Please tell me about her marriage time future marriage life. How her career she will have ? She is appearing in competetative examinations for MBA course. Will she be able to get success in it ? JAGDISH PRASAD GUPTA
  6. What about the period from now to mid April 2009 ? Please tell . JAGDISH PRASAD GUPTA
  7. Respected Users' My Birth right details are as under - DOB :- 12th March 1959 POB :- Machalpur, Dist - Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India Latitude :- 24:08* N Longitude :- 76:18*E TOB :- 21:17:00 Birth Nakshatra :- Ashvini 3rd Pada Birth Lagna (Ascendent) :- Libra (Tula) Birth Rashi :- Aries (Mesha) Placemants of Planets in Birth Kundali :- SUN- 5th house in Aquarius (Kumbh), Moon - 7th house in Aries (Mesha), Mars- 8th house in Taurus (Vrishabh), Mercury- 6th house in Pisces (Meen), Jupiter - 2nd house in Capricorn (Vrischik), Venus- 6th house in Pisces(Meen), Saturn - 3rd house in Sagittarius (Dhenu), Rahu- 12th house in Virgo (Kanya), Ketu- 6th house in Pisces (Meena) Rahu Dasha started from March 2007 Please tell me how Rahu Dasha will effect my service career and financial health. One of the astrolger has predicted that I may leave service in 2009. Is that so? Thanks. JAGDISH PRASAD GUPTA
  8. Respected Usres, My birth details are as under - DOB - 12th March 1959 TOB - 21:17:00 POB - Machalpur, Dist- Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India Janma Nakshatra - Ashvini 3rd Charan Lagna - Tula Janma Rashi - Chandra Rahu Dasha Starts - March 2007 Please tell me about Rahu Mahadasha specially for my service career. One of astrolger told me that I may leave the service in 2009. Is that so? Thanks. JAGDISH PRASAD GUPTA
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