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  1. Thank you very much for the advice, I really appreciate it - sorry for the late post... I would apprecite some advice on the career of my husband in the next few months - dob- 26 June 1970, place - delhi, time-23:03hrs. are there any concerns & remedies for the same - gemstone/pooja, etc. I was told we need to do venus pooja & nakshatra pooja for him, due to weak venus...could you please give us your advice on this. Thank you again for all your help & jaiguruji.
  2. Jaiguruji! Greetings to all gurus here. I would like your valuable advise on career & family problems here. DOB-7 aoril 1973 time - 00:38 hrs place - bangalore, India. problems - despite good start to career & marriage, things are really in a tough shape right now esp with realtion to career & am on the the verge of being forced to quit avery good career & positin by superiors. Also lot of unnnecessary problems in marriage inspite of having a love marriage - now there's lot of misunderstanding & fights for no proper reason. I'm told I have KSY, but someone said there's no issue here but I have some "peculiar malefic alignments " in horoscope that need to be remedied. I'm afraid what this means? Will my current career problems be solved? I'm thinking of career change - will it be sucessful? Any remedies that I should follow, please advise - I'll be really grateful! I have already done rahu shanthi & japas in temple by 11 priests in July. But still problem is not solved uptill now. Thank you all for your time & help in advance. Jai gurujis!
  3. Namaste, I would first of all like to say that I'm very impressed & inspired with the advice given in this site. It is wonderful that you have taken time to help those who are in need of your expertise and I thank you all for this. I am in need of your advice regarding career. I am holding good govt job in India but am in USA (on leave) as my husband is posted here. My superiors are creating lot of problems for granting leave. If I return, my family will be here and I will be seperated from them. Even if we all return, my husband will be posted in different city as there is also the issue of being posted in remote areas - this is creating tension also. I have been advised that these problems/tensions this is due to Rahu-Ketu problem. One reading also indicated Kaal-Sarp Yoga. I would greatly appreciate your advice on - 1. Career change - I am thinking of further study in USA and then getting job in pvt. sector. This way I have better chances of keeping the family together (husband+children in same place). As I'm holding good post in India, I'm worried if this is the right decision to make. Will I be successful & get good post in pvt. sector? Should I make this change? (my DOB:7/4/1973 time : 00:38 place: bangalore, India). 2.For career change, which area is suitable (I'm thinking of MBA). 3. Are there any chances of returning to India/ will we settle in USA. If we return in 4-5 years time, what are the career prospects in India ? 4. My husband is also thinking of job change in USA soon - what is your suggestion & when should he apply for new job (his DOB: 26/6/1970; & time 23:03 place: delhi, India). Are there any good Muhurthas for him based on his horoscope in next few days to apply? 5. Are there any remedies for me/ my husband to follow - kindly suggest. Any other yogas in the horoscope which I am not aware of & what is the effects? Apologise for the long post, but wanted to give all facts. Kindly help us with your valuable advice for which we will be very much greateful. Thank you. Jaiguruji !
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