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  1. Dear Anushaji, Better time would be starting from 22nd March 2009. However, I could forsee his need of money as of now and in coming Rahu pratyantar Dasha. If he can hold, he can take a call after 24th March. On contra of astor, In my views, he can take blessings of Ganesha to avoid any kind of issue. You too would have seen many mishappenings during good period and time. It's all blessings and karmas too, which give positive results. Frankly, in my views 2012 may be too late for him. Whoever is suggesting this, I don't think if anybody can predict on life and longevity upto that time. Uncertainty is there every time. Astrology is to help, not to stop or hold somebody from important life decisions. Take Blessings of Ganesha and go ahead to avoid any misfortune. Rest is maa bhagwati's wish. Jai Mata Di. Regards
  2. Devi, As per the details mentioned by you. Kundali of Boy 1 (born on 16.04.1975) is matching well with girls kundali. There are no doshas and matching numbers are also good i.e., 31.5 out of 36. If you are fine with profile of this Boy, you can consider this match. Maa bhagwati bless you. Warm Regards
  3. Dear Friend, I can understand the pain. Please do daily Shakti Puja with deep daan and get her blessings. All small hiccups would be addressed. Do visit Shakti temple on wednesday and Ashtami and offer coconut to get blessings. Also, pedge to do some charity for girl child after getting new job. Maa Shakti bless you. Wishes & Regards
  4. Devi, Have gone through your chart. You need to follow relegious path to get blessings for birth of child. Please do have patient too. And whatever remedy suggested below should be followed with full faith. You don't need to wear anything but simply has to follow this important pooja every month. Every month on krishna paksh chaturthi do Shri Ganesh Puja and fasting. Follow rituals (pooja and fasting) as mentioned in Shri Ganesha Fasting Book. You can obtain the same from local market. This is very simple and best remedy to address your concern. If you trust me, I know 3 such families who got conceived after 12, 4, 3 years respectively after 1 year of such pooja. Trust me and have faith in god. God bless you!!
  5. Devi, I think it's more important for the person to decide, who is going to purchase the property from him. It will be profitable anyway for him to sale this off as per his current period. I don't think he need to think much on this to sale off. However, requests others to suggest on this. Warm Regards Basant Kr Chaturvedi
  6. Devi. Please let me know if you have communicated my message to that person. My wishes to both of you.
  7. Devi, Doshas are important. Please, if you want only mental satisfaction that Doshas will not impact you, give a second thought. If it will, what's next. If still you want to face the challenges/consequenses, you may go ahead. Once again, I have seen many cases, wherein well educate despite of good understanding faces lots of issues due to various circumstances. Could be family, relation or profession. I know love is the matter of heart/soul. Think manytimes before taking a decision. Going to different astrologers is not going to help. It's only you, who has to face, not any astrologer. Pain of separation or post marriage tensions are unbearable for many. It's better you now decide yourself now. God Bless you.
  8. Devi, I have seen both kundalis. Boy is mangalik, whereas you r not mangalik. Moreover there is bhookuti dosh too, which indicates lack of empathy and peace after married life. Even if you go ahead, it's then god wish. God bless you. Regards
  9. Dear Anusha ji, Thanks for your response. My sincere apologies to you on the sufferings you had after reading my response. Devi, I don't believe in that I am an expert. And, I don't think, there's any expert than godess maa bhagwati on this. I can understand suffering of the person you are referring to. Please, my objective was to help him, not to hurt anybody's feelings. Once again regret for that. As per my understanding about his kundali, his problem started with the chidam dasha (last quarter onwards of 2006). During this one need to refrain himself from agression, granting and taking loans. One also need to give due respect and room to lakshmi. Specifically, I mean here his mother, sister and wife. This will certainly help those people in getting blessings of maa bhagwati, which will finally pacify them with all peace,stability and happiness. I beleive in karmas rather than temporary solutions. Reason, all planetory positions are based on our past life deeds. We get birth and location of those planets,beneficiary yogs based on our good deeds. I have got good examples, wherein because of their own deeds people flourished. They not only made their planets strong, but also attained more than they destined to. Hence, under such circumstances, best remedy is to : 1) Worship maa bhagwati and try to obtain blessings. It's good to visit maa durga/lakshmi/sarswati temple regularly. Maa Shakti is lord of Mercury too, whose mahadasha and anter dasha is running now.Ask for help from maa bhagwati. 2) If possible do fasting on krishna paksha ashtami and pledge to do kanya pooja after getting settled. Visting to maa bhagwati shrine like Vaishno devi with spouse will certainly give lots of peace and positive energy. 3) Respect elders and wife/mother/sister. (Lakshmi resides there only). 4) Do daily deep daan twice (morning and evening). It will certainly remove all darkness of life. At evening time, spouse can do that. 5) If you have tulsi, offer daily water after worship and light lamp (deepak) in eveing . I am sure with above small remedies all problems will go away. I have seen the magical effect for many. One need to trust on whatever they are doing. Hence, with above remedies certainly, mercury/budh will start giving positive result. In case of any personal query, one may write me on basant.chaturvedi@gmail.com May maa bhagwati bless all of you. Pranam and once again sorry for inconvenience.
  10. Thanks for quick reply. I am thinking to wear 9 mukhi rudraksh to address that. What's your opinion? Wishes & Regards Basant
  11. Dear Friend, Actual, remedy is based on karmas. Situation of all planets in different houses depends upon your past birth deeds. Hence it's your current karmas under present situations, which makes your future and fight against odds. Kundali often divided into three part, just like humans: Positive, balanced and negative. Question arises here, what to do? If you are positive, you just need to put efforts. If you are balanced you still need to put efforts and if you are negative than you not only need to put efforts but have to get blessings. In your case too it's applicable. In Gita, lord said one who do karmas and offer it to me, gets my blessings with fruits. Remedies: 1) Do Karma : Do Pranayam (at least for 1 hour). There are many channels like Astha, shows pranayam in the morning hours. It will give you health benefits within a month. But there's a condition, have faith in yourself and the kriya (activity) you do. Do it properly. 2) Obtain Blessings: For whatever unknown and known sins, ask for forgiveness. Do daily prayer to lord shiva with deep daan. You may chant maha mritunjya mantra and can also listen to the CD. Take blessings of your parents/elders, it will certainly help you. 3) Believe in yourself and your god that you can change it. In above remedies, nothing is extraordinary but something we usually ignore. Whatever I am suggesting is proven way of healing. I hope you will trust me and follow this at least for a month. God Bless you.
  12. Let him speak/write directly. I know his mistake and he also needs to know that. He need to address that first before a go ahead on remedies.
  13. Jupiter is guru for Shani too. Here it's your karma, which will put Saturn win and hence Guru will be pleased. Offer regular prayer and keep away from alcohol and nonveg. Respect elders and do the things honestly. Both planets will give good results.
  14. Hi, I am worried about ketu mahadasha, which is staring from 23rd October 2008 on my kundali. As of now Ketu is with Saturn (Shani) sitting in Gemini (Mithun) my 7th house. For reference Birth Details are : Basant Kumar Chaturvedi DOB 28 Jan 1974 TOB 04:40 AM Birth Place : Bandikui (INDIA) If someone could help me and guide upto what extent it will impact my profession, marriage and spiritual life? Regards Basant Kr Chaturvedi
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