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  1. Dear gurujis and learned persons I am a male freelancer working from home, online doing jobs like writing, transcribing, editing, translating, etc. I started this type of freelancing in June 2008 and had been receiving plentiful income till February next year in 2009 and then I was totally without a job till July 2009 same year as no jobs were coming as well as not being assigned to me by clients. Income was good from August 2009 till January 2010. Ever since January 2010, I have been in a state of financial apathy with no sign of good projects and no income at all. Overall, my financial condition has gone to the dogs. I have noooo money. I am depending on my father for monthly expenses. I don't know what to do as I have to get married and have children and provide for them and I am already 29 about to turn 30. Annnnny learned input about my worst condition and appropriate remedies in the form of gems or/and mantras would be most welcome. Please help me understand my astrological profile better so that I will be able to sustain myself and my future family. I will now post my birth details. Thanks a lotttt! DOB: 8th march 1981 TOB: 14:40 hrs/2:40 pm POB: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  2. Namasthe all and gurujis my details are as follows March 8th 1981 2:40 pm Bangalore India I have observed in my horoscope after some research into fundamentals that the 6th lord of celibacy and the 7th lord of marriage namely jupiter and saturn respectively are in graha yuddha in 3rd house and are aspected fully by ketu and 5th lord mars. while 11th and 4th lord venus and 2nd lord sun have some aspect , the 1st lord moon has a full aspect. i would like to know if marriage will suit me and when it would manifest and if i will be able to sustain it? I also observed with a little help from visti ji's book that 5th lord aspecting the 6th and 7th relationship in 3rd house in my chart in particular may indicate promiscuity of the spouse? 6th and 9th lord jupiter has a full aspect on 7th house, is this good for sustenance marriage and also for the manifestation of it despite the 6th lordship? Mercury is in marana karaka sthana in 7th house although this is disputed by many due to the reason being that mercury is also karaka for this house along with venus? could this result in delayed marriage considering the validity of the concept of 7th house being marana karaka sthana for mercury as i have observed in many of my relatives' horoscopes that they have mars in 7th house and mercury in 7th house marana karaka sthana and the one thing that is common to all is delayed marriage or no marriage, atleast not yet. i personally have a split mind when i consider marriage and i can observe that there is a lot of pressure on me very very indirectly especially from my parents and specially from my father. any well researched and supported theories on this issue are welcome, especially the gurujis. thank you! best regards
  3. namasthe primusji your observation applies to natal navamsa which is permanent. how come these issues i am facing have arisen out of the blue suddenly? it all has been happening from, i feel december and escalated in january. if transits and dashas do not manifest then what is it? never before have i faced anything like this!!!!!!!! please help with an expansive elucidation. will be very thankful to you. best regards
  4. dear primusji thanks for your observation. i would like to know any pariharas for this. best regards
  5. shani wins in graha yuddha in my chart according to jagannath hora but i want to know what can be done to combat this and strengthen guru and atleast sustain through. how does this graha yuddha actually manifest? is there a specific dasa? i am currently through the mula dasa of saturn under moon antardasa. the mula dasa of saturn under guru antardasa was the worst period while i feel the saturn mula dasa under saturn antardasa was better. saturn mula dasa under moon antardasa is even more worse. strange things are happening. can't explain. i seem stuck forever. i understand that mula dasa of retrograde saturn is pretty much without remedy. but there has to be something i can do. there simply has to be???????!!!!!!!!! . i don't think i am in a position to say mantras or slokas. it is indeed very difficult to explain why!!!! please do help. this is something very very dire. my humble thanks. this is all i can do for you as of now.
  6. i would like to add that there has been an increase in sensual and derogatory thoughts from past few weeks. thoughts are not clean and there is a flurry. still have issues with father but can't explain. i am not capable of sustaining mantras and i am not in a position to do so. i am definitely in some extraordinarily vice like grip of maleficence but simply can't explain. i don't know what could really help redeem myself. you could understand maleficence to be just plain what it is. it is very indirect and it is powerful. i get baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dreams. something is very very wrong and i can sense it. powerfully malefic and it is very very indirect. dreams are powerfully sensual.
  7. my birth details are march 8th 1981 2:40 pm bangalore india
  8. anybody pls respond. i guess it is guru under debilitation that is causing my post to go unanswered.
  9. i am not freaked out. i can't confirm that anyone is picking up my thoughts and it is not some phenomenon. we could ignore that for now. but i am in an extraordinarily malefic vice like grip. i feel i have issues with my father. i simply can't seem to be able to get out of it. please help. help. help. i would however also like you to please elucidate on the 6th and 9th lordships of guru + shani's lordship of 7th and 8th. i feel my father is thinking of my marriage and he is seriously inclined. but if all is karmic then i would as well have him let me be and whenever the time shall come i will oblige. i want to. i can sense that i am under extreme malefic influence. i do not know what to do. please help.
  10. namasthe all i am having some extraordinarily strange experiences and i was told it is the 3rd house issues which have arisen suddenly or maybe they were already happening and i had not observed and now they have escalated. i am experiencing some powerfully sensual and demeaning derogatory thoughts which i feel are being read by others but i can't confirm it although there are signs. jupiter and saturn conjunct in 3rd house are closely at graha yuddha. i referred to jagannath hora and found that saturn wins. is this good or bad and if it is bad, what could be the parihara. i deduced that wearing yellow sapphire and red coral would suffice for this as jupiter is in marana karaka sthana also. i feel i have issues which i can't seem to be able to turn around. but i desperately want to. it seems there are issues with father and i do sense that strongly. i am experiencing some extraordinarily malefic influences. i was an ideal creativist and now i seem to be getting lost in some world of maleficence which i am 100% sure does not arise out of me. i am in/under a vice like grip of decadent maleficence. please pour in your ideas whatever may be the relevance. i would be most indebted and grateful for this help from everyone. best regards
  11. Namasthe webyogi ji So it is the moon which is the key! then what should be the size and type of the pearl i would be wearing? would the beeja mantra of soma, om som somaya namah be efficient along with the pearl?overall, i think i finally did find the answer! thank you! thank you! - regards
  12. Namasthe Webyogi ji I am blitzing into the resources to discover any strategic remedy i can identify to catch all birds with one arrow. The list you have put up seems to indicate a balanced/unbalanced? copresence between the malefics and benefics, every benefic is with every malefic and the other way around except rahu. what? i seek! what? would be the ultimate strategic remedy tantra/mantra to atleast give me strength and endurance if not complete solution! i will NOT give up until i find balance! i want peace of mind, some material satisfaction and loads of happiness sourcing into and out of me to/from others! thanks - Regards
  13. Namasthe Webyogi ji Could you please tell me which of these planets actually require strengthening? and why they are rendered weak? thanks - regards
  14. Namasthe Webyogi ji ok i get it! but i did hit upon an alternative idea...A Navaratna!.... wouldn't a navaratna be the solution for this paradoxical problem of wearing yellow topaz and emerald? this way any other issues could also be simultaneously resolved! please do give some input in this regard, whether the navaratna is okay for my chart! - Regards
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