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Found 3 results

  1. Dear gurujis and learned persons I am a male freelancer working from home, online doing jobs like writing, transcribing, editing, translating, etc. I started this type of freelancing in June 2008 and had been receiving plentiful income till February next year in 2009 and then I was totally without a job till July 2009 same year as no jobs were coming as well as not being assigned to me by clients. Income was good from August 2009 till January 2010. Ever since January 2010, I have been in a state of financial apathy with no sign of good projects and no income at all. Overall, my financial condition has gone to the dogs. I have noooo money. I am depending on my father for monthly expenses. I don't know what to do as I have to get married and have children and provide for them and I am already 29 about to turn 30. Annnnny learned input about my worst condition and appropriate remedies in the form of gems or/and mantras would be most welcome. Please help me understand my astrological profile better so that I will be able to sustain myself and my future family. I will now post my birth details. Thanks a lotttt! DOB: 8th march 1981 TOB: 14:40 hrs/2:40 pm POB: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  2. Hi. Can you tell me if it's ok for me to wear emerald, pearl and sapphire (all together) as a necklace? I've been told that emerald brings wisdom, sapphire brings inner peace and pearl is for good luck. Is this true? My DOB: nov 25th 1995 Time: 10am Place: Hanoi, Vietnam Which stones are most compatible with me? Please help! TIA!
  3. hi, i'm wearing emerald,gomedh and diamond gemstones set in gold and silver.diamond and gomedh in left hand in ring and middle finger respectively.emerald in the right pinky finger.My question is when should the gemstones be removed temporarily during any activity or visiting certain places like cremation grounds or while taking bath/using restrooms/childbirth etc.Kindly give me very clear instructions as different astrologers have give me differnet answers.Also how often should a gemstone be cleaned,can we do manial house chores wearing them,etc. are there separate rules for males and females wearing them like right hand for males and left hand for females,etc. Thanks.
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