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  1. only on every saturday wipe the whole area/floor mixing salt in water.Also light googol dhoop in the evening.If you are feeling scared for no reason,before going to sleep light dhoop and recite hanuman chalisa 7 times and apply that ash that melts from dhoop on your forehead after recitation.Do the chalisa remedy till you find stability in your emotions and then continue saying once daily in the morning or evening. Another remedy is to place 6 peacock feathers on your main entrance door. hope this helps
  2. hi, i'm wearing emerald,gomedh and diamond gemstones set in gold and silver.diamond and gomedh in left hand in ring and middle finger respectively.emerald in the right pinky finger.My question is when should the gemstones be removed temporarily during any activity or visiting certain places like cremation grounds or while taking bath/using restrooms/childbirth etc.Kindly give me very clear instructions as different astrologers have give me differnet answers.Also how often should a gemstone be cleaned,can we do manial house chores wearing them,etc. are there separate rules for males and females wearing them like right hand for males and left hand for females,etc. Thanks.
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