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Found 91 results

  1. Dear Sir, The details of my horoscope 03-09-1976, Time: 12.10 pm, Place: Baghpat (UP), India. In my case the Sun is sitting in mooltrikona & Mer, Mars, Venus in 11th house (in virgo rashi). Presently my carrier is getting horrible, Dasha is Moon & Sun which will end in december mars mahadasha will start. I am not getting job satisfaction, which I feel is an important criteria of life. Can you pl. let me know when the things will get fulfill & how will me my mars mahadasha.
  2. Dear All, I have enclosed details of our horoscopes including my wife and elder daughter. My wife is pregnant now (second child); Medical scanning shows as female baby and Doctors' suggested her to go for Cesarean operation at least two weeks earlier than normal delivery date. We need to choose a date and time slot for Cesarean in between December 1 - 30, in Singapore. Doctors' would perform Cesarean during week-days (Monday to Friday) from 9 AM to 5 PM. I am concerned about the child's future and our future. Looking for auspicious timing for birth and timing need to select based on following priority 1. Child's good personal life 2. Career & Health 3. Good for family and parents and siblings 4. Achievements We need to confirm the schedule to the doctor. Please kindly look into our horoscopes and suggest us an optimal time and date (two choices) for our child's birth. This is like deciding a kid's future. So please help me to find the right time. I'll pray to God for your long life and service to people. P.S: If any place in Singapore where can help then please guide me. Thanks and Reg Vgee My birth Details 22 March 1976 03:05 AM Salem, Tamilnadu, India My wife's birth details 20 October 1983 01:07 AM Namakkal, Tamilnadu India My Son's birth details 18 June 2008 07:16 AM Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India
  3. Birth details.. DOB-04/09/1986 Place:Konnagar(West Bengal) Time:2:22 PM feeling confused ! please help !
  4. 10,059 downloads

    The book titled "Understanding Ashtakavarga in Astrology" in English in PDF format.
  5. 10,701 downloads

    The book titled "Uttarakalamrita in Sanskrit with English Translations" in English in PDF format.
  6. 9,556 downloads

    The book titled "Vedic Astrology and Rasi Characteristics" in English in PDF format.
  7. 10,215 downloads

    The book titled "Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira" in English in PDF format.
  8. 9,020 downloads

    The book titled "Jataka Alankara" in English in PDF format.
  9. 9,598 downloads

    The book titled "Bhavartha Ratnakara" in English in PDF format.
  10. 13,016 downloads

    The book titled "Bhrigu Sutras" in English in PDF format.
  11. 14,119 downloads

    The book titled "Kalyana Varma Saravali" in English in PDF format.
  12. 28,526 downloads

    The book titled "Secrets of Nadi Astrology" in English in PDF format.
  13. 7,285 downloads

    The book titled "Brihat Jataka" in English in PDF format.
  14. 92,905 downloads

    1952 edition of Lal Kitab, Volume 2, astrological text in Hindi. Very rare book. PDF format.
  15. 19,973 downloads

    The book titled "Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra" in Telugu in PDF format.
  16. Hi. Can you tell me if it's ok for me to wear emerald, pearl and sapphire (all together) as a necklace? I've been told that emerald brings wisdom, sapphire brings inner peace and pearl is for good luck. Is this true? My DOB: nov 25th 1995 Time: 10am Place: Hanoi, Vietnam Which stones are most compatible with me? Please help! TIA!
  17. Dear Sir Myself 1975 born Feb 23, 06;30am, Coimbatore, Male.. My marriage delays and facing lot of obstacles facing right now... Please guide me, when my marriage will happen. Please also indicate, my life partner possible prediction details regards Anand N
  18. Hi, I am facing career and family troubles since june 2008. I am jobless since one year now even after 6.5 years of experience. I have seen those with karka lagna are facing troubles in career since 2009. Learned astrologers kindly check my details and tell me something. DOB: 26/Oct/1977 Time: 11:20 PM Place: Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India Shek
  19. Hello friends,I am a 25 years old female from Bursa, Turkey. I am interested in astrology however I do not know much about Hindu astrology. I have some questions on my mind and I need help. I have studied chemical engineering at one of the best universities in my country.I graduated exactly 18 months ago however I was not able to find a job. Meanwhile after my graduation I got engaged to a guy from university at 31.10.2009. After the engagement he went to army for his military job. In May when he came back from military we had no obstacles for marriage. However he didn't want to mary yet. I want to know: * when will i get married and will i get married with this guy? * how and when will i find a job? *I also wonder if i studied the perfect job for my personality? I am also interested and a little talented in arts, which path should i take to live a prosperous life? *also there is agression in my family which i am not responsible for but i am influenced anyway.I can't stop the fight, ı want to leave home but i can't, what can i do? please help me!! My birth data: 27.01.1985 Bursa, Turkey My fiance's birth data: 15.02.1984 Mersin, Turkey I look forward for any kind of help. Best wishes!
  20. I am going through a very bad phase in my life..Nothing is working for me..I am a huge letdown for myself and family... My education stopped last year....could not get admission in any college... have filled forms this year too...still no hope... I really dont know what is my future...how will i survive...how will i stan on my own feet I have no life...and have stopped talking to friends and spend time alone...cursing myself for everything.. My date of birth is-09-march-1989,dehradun,10:46pm... plz tell me if i will ever get somewhere n life and live peacefully....
  21. Jai Ram ji ki Pls provide your valuable guidance on marriage . 1.kind of marriage...love or arrange??if possible tell me at what age? 2.whats wrong in my horoscope,if any problem pls let me know any remedies. 3.Areas of strong & weak palnets to succeed in both peasonal & professional life. Birth Details: Place :Mangalore D.O.B : 11-5-75 Time: 21:50 Gender : female Sincere response is highly apprecitaed.
  22. can anyone please tell me what is ravan samhita all about..... n which publication and writer is best for buying it
  23. 8,434 downloads

    The book titled "The Greatness of Gayatri Jyotisha Shastra" in English in PDF format.
  24. 9,025 downloads

    The book titled "Vimsottari and Udu Dasas" in English in PDF format.
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