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  1. Dear All, I am looking to find mathematical expression to get the new year, however i am not sure about the true condition of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. Want to get Vikram and Shak Shak for any day of the year. Want to represent this in Georgian calender days. I went through few panchangas for year 2012-13, and could find only below points common. 1. Sun >10th Rashi 2. Month between March-April 3. Moon started from 0 degree Mesha(how do i get if this is Mesha or the month is Chaitra) on nav varsh day. However if i take shukla pratipada, how do i know this is chaitra..... means when chaitra going to start. I per my little knowldge, months are calculated by sun position in rashi, where in 2013 only Sun entered Mesha, 3 days after nav varsh.... I am stuck with this thing.. please guide. Any help is much appreciated. Regards, Asharma
  2. Dear All, Please help me getting correct Shloka references. I have been doing few workship daily since my childhood, told by my father (He suggested even if you memorize, read it each time you do patha to avoid any mistake in pronunciation). 1. Saraswati Kavacha - I could find this written in Brahma Vaivatra Purana 2. Shree Sukta - Could not find this in Rigveda Samhita (2-3 authors) 3. Bhairav Upasana - Don't know where to find (FUM FUM FULLA ..(Don't remember completely, only heard).. DIN DIN DINDA TIKINDAM......) I had all the above shloka, Sukta and Kavacha in hand written format written by my Grand father. Some how that copy is not very clear now. I am looking for the original TEXT for all of them, Where i could get the Correct copy. I had to face my father's sudden death last year, so do not have any clue, where to find this now. I know i can get these shloka books from any book shop just in 50 Rs, however I have a doubt of authenticity of those books. I brought some Sarasvati Kavacha books and i could find a lot of differences in Shlokas. Thanks in Advance
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