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Found 5 results

  1. Does anybody have any info re: a pooja for Vidwa Sap (widow's "curse"). Specifically, have they heard of Maha Sidha Bandur Kavach? I've done some online searches & can't seem to find something, but was told about this via someone in India. I believe this is also related to rahu-ketu. any information would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. I work really late everyday and lately I started waking up after 12 in the afternoon. I have a shivling at home which I brought from my Guruji from India. When he gave it to me, he told me to do pooja everyday. Now I know my parents have told me in the past that you should not do any pooja after 12 but I was wondering if I can do the pooja of Shiva after 12 or not? Thanks.
  3. I completed my degree by 2008 Dec in IT(B.Sc IT).. Since I started my final year, that is by 2007 I was looking for a suitable job.. But upto now,I didn't a single one... As I turned 23 in 2009, my parents were looking for alliance for me and ended up in family fights. I didn't find the right guy for me.. .. Please tell me a manta/yantra to get a good job for a good salary...I am really in need of a good job.. My Mum has taken my horoscope to many soothsayers and all have said that, as there aren't any planets in the 10th box of my horoscope, it is very difficult for me to get a job.. Now I have full faith and trust only in SHirdi Sai Baba and worshiping him only by lighting 2 diyas and recite slokas and mantras in order for Sai Baba to give me a good job. At the same time, I worship god Ganesh and tell small slokas and recite " Om Gan Ganapathayae Namah" 108 times to God Ganesh and I do recite " Om Sai Ram" to Shirdi Sai Baba 108 times. Is/Are there any other mantras or poojas to get a good job. please tell as I am in need of good job.... D.O.B : June 3, 1986 Time of Birth : 8.15pm Place of Birth : Sri Lanka(country) , Colombo(town)
  4. Dear All, Please help me getting correct Shloka references. I have been doing few workship daily since my childhood, told by my father (He suggested even if you memorize, read it each time you do patha to avoid any mistake in pronunciation). 1. Saraswati Kavacha - I could find this written in Brahma Vaivatra Purana 2. Shree Sukta - Could not find this in Rigveda Samhita (2-3 authors) 3. Bhairav Upasana - Don't know where to find (FUM FUM FULLA ..(Don't remember completely, only heard).. DIN DIN DINDA TIKINDAM......) I had all the above shloka, Sukta and Kavacha in hand written format written by my Grand father. Some how that copy is not very clear now. I am looking for the original TEXT for all of them, Where i could get the Correct copy. I had to face my father's sudden death last year, so do not have any clue, where to find this now. I know i can get these shloka books from any book shop just in 50 Rs, however I have a doubt of authenticity of those books. I brought some Sarasvati Kavacha books and i could find a lot of differences in Shlokas. Thanks in Advance
  5. Is it proper to worship Sri Rama (by chanting mantra) at any time of the day or night? Or it must be early morning?
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