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Found 8 results

  1. dear sir Please anyone help me , i am very much worried due to my career, an astrologer told me that i would never be able to get a good job and i will always be stressful for my job. after his consultation i am very depressed ,i am feeling as all doors are closed for me, i don't know whom to ask for guidance,..please show me some way. here are my details Gaurav Kataria D.O.B. 14 july 1987 Time 08:50 am Place- Bijnor (u.p.) I will be very grateful to you. thanking you.
  2. Personal Details: BD: 11/07/1950 Time: Between 7:12 and 7:14 AM (at that date, Daylight Savings TIme was not used) Location: Lattitude Longitude 33.333737 44.416416 What steps (besides looking for work) should I take? Yagyas? Homams? Some form of Tapas?
  3. Hi All, Greetings !!! I lost my job in August 2013 and looking for a new one. Please let me know, when I will get. DOB is 5th October 62, time 14.40 hours, place of Birth: Trichy (Tamil Nadu). My earlier job was involving a lot of travel to USA. employed there since 2008 December to August 2013. when will I get a new job, whether it will be involving travel across globe? Will it be a relocation from my current living place? Thanks in advance and Regards Sri
  4. shashank.rastogi53

    Job problem.

    Hi, my dob is 08-04-1986 time is 13:05,birth place is meerut.UP. Can you please tell me when will I get my job ?
  5. I completed my degree by 2008 Dec in IT(B.Sc IT).. Since I started my final year, that is by 2007 I was looking for a suitable job.. But upto now,I didn't a single one... As I turned 23 in 2009, my parents were looking for alliance for me and ended up in family fights. I didn't find the right guy for me.. .. Please tell me a manta/yantra to get a good job for a good salary...I am really in need of a good job.. My Mum has taken my horoscope to many soothsayers and all have said that, as there aren't any planets in the 10th box of my horoscope, it is very difficult for me to get a job.. Now I have full faith and trust only in SHirdi Sai Baba and worshiping him only by lighting 2 diyas and recite slokas and mantras in order for Sai Baba to give me a good job. At the same time, I worship god Ganesh and tell small slokas and recite " Om Gan Ganapathayae Namah" 108 times to God Ganesh and I do recite " Om Sai Ram" to Shirdi Sai Baba 108 times. Is/Are there any other mantras or poojas to get a good job. please tell as I am in need of good job.... D.O.B : June 3, 1986 Time of Birth : 8.15pm Place of Birth : Sri Lanka(country) , Colombo(town)
  6. Hello all, My DOB: 29-11-1986 TOB: 9:06 pm POB:Hyderabad I am trying for job since many days.. But couldn't get a proper job. Worked in small organisations.:o Presently searching job in IT field but no luck.:crazy2: When will I get a good job ???:confused: Also let me know when will be I married ?? Also let me know about my married life ??? Waiting eagerly for all your help. Please reply Thank you.
  7. I suddenly lost my job on June/27/2010 and have been trying my hardest since than. No luck yet! When will i get a new one? I was jobless for 8 months during my Sade Sati in 2001. Is it going to be that long? i hope not. DOB: november/19/1964 at 5:05 PM, Surat, Gujarat, India. According to Lahiri Ayanamsha I have Guru / Mercury (ending). When will i get a new job? Please help as i am desperately searching for answers.
  8. hi, respected sirs pls reply i have three big problem..... no money marital disconnection{ditched} not getting proper job....... my dob is 19june1977, time 4:41am,jamshedpur,india pls advice me remedies if ,any.. i wear a diamond and panna but no relief will i get job in telecom sector, for which i m waiting as financial sectors not suits me? pls advice for hopeless situation but still i am having hope for success! regards roshan