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  1. sir please give me some guidance, it is more than 3 whole years before me turning 30, and sir it is very hard to tolerate even a single month of my current conditions, sir please tell me something which i can do so that i can live a less stressful life and can walk with proud, i feel very ashamed in front of my friends ,because i did not get a good job,sir i will be highly grateful to you if you give me answer for this query. Thanking you
  2. Thanks A lot Sir that you give your time for analysis my chart,,i believe what you said,because an another astrologer also told me same.but sir i am worried because it is 3 more years till i will be 30 and till that time how will i be able to live with daily stress due to job and money.all of my friends are earning well and are happily married.my family is worried for my job,how will they wait for 3 years.my whole family is stressed because of me.please tell me some remedy so that i may be able to live a normal life and have a good job till i be 30, ,thanking you for your time sir..
  3. Namaskar sir, I think it is almost 2 months now, i am doing anulom vilom and i am feeling some change in my eye drooping ,,it is improving now, is it the good time to start visulisation,,sir if i will be able to recover from my disease i will be very grateful to you,,,sir i am also struggling for my career too and an astrologer told me that i would never get a good job,please tell me is it really true...and if it is true then what should i do. Gaurav kataria d.o.b. 14 july 1987 time - 08:50 Am Place- Nagina ,distt- Bijnor, U.P. India
  4. dear sir Please anyone help me , i am very much worried due to my career, an astrologer told me that i would never be able to get a good job and i will always be stressful for my job. after his consultation i am very depressed ,i am feeling as all doors are closed for me, i don't know whom to ask for guidance,..please show me some way. here are my details Gaurav Kataria D.O.B. 14 july 1987 Time 08:50 am Place- Bijnor (u.p.) I will be very grateful to you. thanking you.
  5. Respected Sir I am having problems in my career life, i am not getting job as my qualification and i am underpaid,,i am also having probblems in my health and personal life also,can anyone tell me if these problems can be solved by strengthening jupiter or should i do something else. what is blocking my success??? i will be very thankful to you ... My details are as given below.. Gaurav kataria D.o.b- 14 july 1987 Time- 08:50 Am Place - Nagina(Bijnor),uttar pradesh GAURAV KATARIA_Free_Kundali_20130601200102.pdf
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