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Found 4 results

  1. i would like some advice on how one should act with one's Guru or Acharya? how does one best serve the Guru, if one cannot /is not allowed to be physically close? how should one cope with feelings of jealousy over the Guru's favouritism towards another disciple? i would appreciate some feedback from someone who has experience in these areas. thank you. A devotee
  2. Hello, I am writing on this forum to seek a few advice on my charts: My kundali name is Dushyant. DOB - 23-09-1983 Time: 06:21 AM Place: Ujjain (M.P.) I want to know what's happening with my life right now? Why I am having sleepless nights? Why my relationship is on the verge of ruin, and there is not a single reason for that, no justification. I would like to know, what's there on my charts in the present, what's causing all these? and Is that temporary? What's going in the near future, what charts have to say about these? Would you be able to help me please? I have been trying very hard, but nothing is working out, and hence here for some help/advise. Thanks
  3. My partner and I have a nadi score of 0 out of 8 in our relationship analysis. How critical is this for us? What does it mean in detail & are there any important dates? What would be good remedies? Any other information would help, too. Namaste. ElaineInBliss Birth Details Female Date of Birth: 10 January 1986 Time: 23:45 Location: Miami, Florida, USA DST: 1h Male Date of Birth: 03 December 1984 Time: 4:56 Location: Salisbury, Maryland, USA DST: 1h
  4. hi, respected sirs pls reply i have three big problem..... no money marital disconnection{ditched} not getting proper job....... my dob is 19june1977, time 4:41am,jamshedpur,india pls advice me remedies if ,any.. i wear a diamond and panna but no relief will i get job in telecom sector, for which i m waiting as financial sectors not suits me? pls advice for hopeless situation but still i am having hope for success! regards roshan
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