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Found 6 results

  1. hello friends, I am in need of a real nadi reader in mumbai or jaipur. I know nadi readers at chenaai are most accurate but that's not approachable for me. So anyone who might know a genuine reader in mumbai or jaipur plz lemme know Thanku
  2. 28,534 downloads

    The book titled "Secrets of Nadi Astrology" in English in PDF format.
  3. Hello, I have a question I'm hoping someone will be able to answer. I've been a fan of Sadhguru for quite some time and one of his Youtube videos mentioned the Kurma nadi. I was fascinated and intrigued that he mentioned that there are ways to follow the "very breath itself" as opposed to the more common method taught of focusing upon the sensations produced by breathing. This was the first I had ever heard of anyone making such a distinction and I became fascinated with the idea if I could perhaps find a way to practice this Yoga method of focusing on the breath itself and it leading to the Kurma nadi. Unfortunately all my search attempts on the web to find the location of this Kurma nadi and a yoga exercise one can do to follow one's actual breath instead of breath sensations have been a bust. I'm hoping someone here can fill me in on this or at least direct me to a resource I can use for this method. I'd be very appreciative of any information, exericises, etc anyone can give. Thanks
  4. My partner and I have a nadi score of 0 out of 8 in our relationship analysis. How critical is this for us? What does it mean in detail & are there any important dates? What would be good remedies? Any other information would help, too. Namaste. ElaineInBliss Birth Details Female Date of Birth: 10 January 1986 Time: 23:45 Location: Miami, Florida, USA DST: 1h Male Date of Birth: 03 December 1984 Time: 4:56 Location: Salisbury, Maryland, USA DST: 1h
  5. I haven't learn't yoga or pranayama from anyone specifically but i try to read a lot of this material and practise on my own. I understand that chakras are psychic centre points, and that nadi's are channels through the body, but how are the two related? For example, is it that the nadi's intersect the chakras? So when im meditating on the chakras should i also be focussing on my ida, pingala, etc nadis? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi All Gurus, I am having a big problem regarding my marriage with my friend. We have been together since last 3 years and now waiting for the girls parent to agree for marriage. First they are opposing as it is inter caste and now they are saying that the kundali is not matching and it is very bad to get married as we have nadi dosh. Details: BOY) Krunal: 10 June 1986, Place Kalol(Gujarat,India) Time 6:45 PM Girl): Priya: 8 May 1985, Place Ulhasnagar(Mumbai,Maharashtra, India) Time 02:45 AM Hr parents are not at all considering. They are also saying that there is no Nadi Removal thing existing. i dont know if they are teling lies or truth. But i want to show them the proof that this marriage can be successfull... Please help me asap.. Thanks in advance... Regards...
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