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Found 8 results

  1. hello i have always developed this keen interest in the potential power of the mind, and the fact that we are so much more than what most people think they are, i have also tried some third eye opening excersise's in the past and i've had many experiences how ever i abandoned the practice thinking that i'm not spiritually evolved enough to experince the other side of the world simply due to the fact that i had to guru recently while doing some research i came upon this technique called samyama and i was greatly amazed by the technique, and in all aspects i think it's a great gift to mankind. however i do not know how to do samyama, i know it's dhrana>dhyana>samadhi yet i have no clear idea of how to do it and the technique is nearly impossible to find online. it would be a great help if someone was kind enough to give some accurate detail of samyama, as in how to develop samadhi and and how to move on to do samyama, also i would like to know how to do samyama on a person, cause i've been confused whether it's to repeat the name of that person, or to visualize that person.... it would be greatly appericiated if someone could help
  2. Dear All, I have enclosed details of our horoscopes including my wife and elder daughter. My wife is pregnant now (second child); Medical scanning shows as female baby and Doctors' suggested her to go for Cesarean operation at least two weeks earlier than normal delivery date. We need to choose a date and time slot for Cesarean in between December 1 - 30, in Singapore. Doctors' would perform Cesarean during week-days (Monday to Friday) from 9 AM to 5 PM. I am concerned about the child's future and our future. Looking for auspicious timing for birth and timing need to select based on following priority 1. Child's good personal life 2. Career & Health 3. Good for family and parents and siblings 4. Achievements We need to confirm the schedule to the doctor. Please kindly look into our horoscopes and suggest us an optimal time and date (two choices) for our child's birth. This is like deciding a kid's future. So please help me to find the right time. I'll pray to God for your long life and service to people. P.S: If any place in Singapore where can help then please guide me. Thanks and Reg Vgee My birth Details 22 March 1976 03:05 AM Salem, Tamilnadu, India My wife's birth details 20 October 1983 01:07 AM Namakkal, Tamilnadu India My Son's birth details 18 June 2008 07:16 AM Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India
  3. I want to translate the first verse from the Nagavagga portion in the Dhammapada into sanskrit. I want to incorporate it into some artwork I am doing and I can't seem to find it anywhere (I am also considering adding it to an elephant tattoo I have so I want to verify that it is correct)! Also, is there a print version of the Dhammapada that is in sanskrit? I really want a copy of it for future reference, but It appears as if this has not been done. It is verse 320: As an elephant in battlefield withstands the arrow shot from a bow, so shall I endure abuse. Indeed, many people are without morality. If it is easier to translate I believe that this is written in Gandhari: Aham nagova sangame capato patitam saram ativakyam titikkhissam dussilo hi bahujjano. Thank you very much to anybody who helps out, I greatly appreciate the time taken
  4. Hello Everyone.I am new here can someone please tell me what are some of the most simple sadhnas for a beginner and how to go about it.
  5. Dear members, Could anyone please for Love of God provide me or atleast guide me to getting 15 Khadgamala Mantras in english or sanskrit or malayalam? When I searched in the forums I found a page with the title 15 khadgamalas and some members had translated and posted it in the following thread. but I cannot find the file or any links to download it and that thread is a bit old. Does anybody have this 15 khadgamala mantras file? Moderators if you have it in your computers please could you kindly upload it again. Thank you for reading. Hope someone helps. Take care.
  6. HI members, This is Lakshmipathy, DOB: 02/11/1986; Time:02:08 pm; Place: Hosur (Tamilnadu). 1. I am jobless for the last year and half, searching extensively yet to find one., when will i get job, whether i should try for job in native place or should i change my location. 2. my parents are trying to get me married, when will this happen.
  7. Hi everyone As we all know life is full of uncertainty and astrology can only guide us to our destination . My time has come to take guidance from people who really know the subject . My DOB -15.10.1983 , Time - 4.05 am , Location -Mysore . The reason why i am asking your help is , right now everything , trust me everything is going bad for me . And i am not able to hold on to anything . This is a make or break point in my life , so your inputs and guidance will be taken for life . I am not able to decide anything , that is why asking your help . Let me know what is wrong and how can i minimize the effect of planets , also any specific pooja i should be doing ?
  8. We have been in relationship since 2 years and know each other from 4.5 years We have decided to get married, but our kundli is not matching. Astrologers are saying that your marriage will break in 1-2 years. They say our stars are not matching our moonsign is opposite. My details are:- Name : Rishi Agrawal DOB : 15 nov 1983 Time of Birth : 9:50 PM Place of Birth : Gwalior Girl's Detail Name : Priyanka DOB : 8 Jan 1983 Time of Birth : 11:30 PM Place of Birth : Almora We have seen 5-6 astrologers and all of them say that the marriage will break in 2 years. Please suggest what we should do, i love her too much and it would be very very difficult for us seperate Also please tell us are all the astrological predictions true? Or can we change the predictions by our firm belief and determination. Please help us urgently.....
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