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  1. Hey thank you guest for your valuable input. Today morning when I woke up i had this doubt about that file you know. And I asked Goddess to show me a way cos the pdf was really difficult, and time consuming etc etc. And man I already got the answer. Thank you guest. I dont think you know, but Goddess worked through you to answer my prayer.
  2. Oh my Lord. I never thought I would get a reply to my post this soon. Thanks a million. I cannot put into words how important this mantras are for me and how much you have helped me. May Almighty be always with you. Pray for you brother. Take care. Thanks again.
  3. Dear members, Could anyone please for Love of God provide me or atleast guide me to getting 15 Khadgamala Mantras in english or sanskrit or malayalam? When I searched in the forums I found a page with the title 15 khadgamalas and some members had translated and posted it in the following thread. but I cannot find the file or any links to download it and that thread is a bit old. Does anybody have this 15 khadgamala mantras file? Moderators if you have it in your computers please could you kindly upload it again. Thank you for reading. Hope someone helps. Take care.
  4. So finally you solved your problems GURU333? Do let us know Guru.
  5. This post is amazing. Really does set the path. Hey mods this article should be at the beginning of threads listed.
  6. What happened Jayesh?
  7. Please read Durga Sahsranama for 21 days in the mornings or evenings. Its a good starting point. Please be a vegetarian on the day you read sahsranama and offer whatever little flowers you can to the idol or picture. Even if you don't have a Durga Devi image, its ok. Whatever Goddess image you have, offer the flowers in front of that image. Almighty is just One. Also don't forget to read Durga Aparadha stotram after reading Durga Sahsranama. And whatever you read, please don't doubt the mantras. There will be mistakes but offer your prayer with full faith. Durga Devi will show you the rest. You will get your guru when time comes. And please assess yourself before starting as to whether this is for you or not. You shouldn't get bored after the initial rush of spirituality which happens to many. Most of the people drop prayers midway. Hope I helped you. Take care.
  8. I think its a Durga devi mantra to remove all obstacles but the second line is different. The Durga mantra means she who moves on a white elephant iravatha, with the weapon vajrayudha etc etc. Hope it helps. Search iravatha manthra. You will get the mantra am talking about. I couldn't find it in tamil or sanskrit. Sorry
  9. Please resort to Narasimha Pooja or Pratyangira Devi Pooja. It should be done properly. If not resort to some tantric poojas. There are some Namboothiri families in Thrissur doing tantric poojas. Please don't resort to Kuttichatan Seva or anything like that. Also there is a Namboothiri family in Haripad, Allapuzha Dist, Kerala who does tantra puja I believe.
  10. Please read some sort of sahsranama, if possible Lalitha Sahsranama or Durga Sahsranama or Maha Vishnu Sahsranama or Narasimha Sahsranama in the morning and evening for 21 days and then reduce recitations to just the mornings. Whatever prayers you offer, do it with complete faith in the Almighty. Never back down until you have succeeded. Don't worry about guru. An Athmiyaguru will find you when time comes.
  11. It means you need to read the whole mantra for 1008 times everyday for 15 days continuously
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