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  1. Dear All, Kindly advice me. I had a dream in which Ganesh Ji told me to do "Durga Sadhana" and also that if this Sadhana is Done " Bagulamukhi?? Sadhana" and "MahaLaxmi Sadhana" will automatically be done. I don't have any idea what to make of it. Also I dont know anything about such things. In fact I heard such terms for the first time in this dream. Point is that this dream was remarkably different than normal dreams, it was almost real time. and also too impressionable. I called up a distant family brother who I think knows little bit more about these things. He told me to start chanting " Om Aieng Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaiye Bicchei" Please Advice on chanting? or anything else. Your advices will help me more clarity. Somehow I cannot forget/ignore this dream. So I need to sort it out in my head. Thankyou so much for your Time and Patience. Regards ~t
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