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  1. Hello Everyone, I have been to indiadivine.org many times reading different threads. This is a very interesting forum. This time i am posting a thread. My entire family is in intense trouble. As I am writing this thread, my parents are currently hospitalized after surviving a road accident few hours ago. Mother has fractured her hand and father has multiple wounds all over his body. Just a couple of months a ago, my elder sibling's spouse met with another accident and had a broken arm (not recovered yet). And, just a few more months before, we lost our entire property due to loss in my father's business. Since then life for our entire family is a living hell. We all are ardent believers in god. From more than half a year every day is a obstacle in our lives. We are drained right now, and do not understand why this is happening inspite of our faith in god. Can this be some evil force? And what prayers should I chant, so that peace and happiness can be restored in my family again? Your advice and thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks, A devotee of god
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