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  1. I want to translate the first verse from the Nagavagga portion in the Dhammapada into sanskrit. I want to incorporate it into some artwork I am doing and I can't seem to find it anywhere (I am also considering adding it to an elephant tattoo I have so I want to verify that it is correct)! Also, is there a print version of the Dhammapada that is in sanskrit? I really want a copy of it for future reference, but It appears as if this has not been done. It is verse 320: As an elephant in battlefield withstands the arrow shot from a bow, so shall I endure abuse. Indeed, many people are without morality. If it is easier to translate I believe that this is written in Gandhari: Aham nagova sangame capato patitam saram ativakyam titikkhissam dussilo hi bahujjano. Thank you very much to anybody who helps out, I greatly appreciate the time taken
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