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  1. che10

    Mantra Sadhna

    Thank you Sk & Nikhil for your helpful answers.Appreciate it. May god bless you
  2. che10

    Simple Sadhna

    Thanks a lot sir Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
  3. che10

    Simple Sadhna

    Thank you Guru Ji. I have worshiped lord Ram since my childhood. Is there a mantra or mantras dedicated to him which i may use in sadhna. Please enlighten
  4. che10

    Simple Sadhna

    Would someone kindly respond
  5. Baba could you please show the path to beginners like me.
  6. Please include a mechanism to inform members if a post has been accepted or rejected
  7. Can someone please explain how mantra sadhna works and how to start sadhna for an absolute beginner
  8. Can someone recommend a tried and tested way for weight/fat loss.
  9. Hello Everyone.I am new here can someone please tell me what are some of the most simple sadhnas for a beginner and how to go about it.
  10. Hello Everyone i am new to this place.. i've come here looking for help Since the last year and a half I've been really struggling emotionally. I had been living in an illusion, and had kept someone on pedestals who cheated me. I had submitted my power, became completely dependent emotionally. I've lost faith in self. and feel i'll be alone like this.. Is there any Mantra that help me improve and do well in life
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