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Found 8 results

  1. This Topic Discusses About Sandhyavandanam The Master Meditation Technuque. If you have any doubts please Ask.
  2. How to meditate on Lord Brahma? How yogis/sadhus used to do it in ancient times? Is there only one way of doing this or many different ways? Can Lord Brahma come on his own to give 'darshan' as it happened in ancient times? It happened even for 'asurs' and 'rakhas' so my chances are bright,no? ​
  3. Nishith Lakhlani

    Pain in Forehead

    Hello Everyone, My father feels constant pain in forehead..he is having treatment from psychiatrist for 4 years , but no benifit....Side effects have caused other problems of vision....I think this pain started because my fanther chnted mantras without much knowledge and rules..can u help with this? He chanted mantras for long time..without a spiritual guru..
  4. Navod Shyamal


    hello i have always developed this keen interest in the potential power of the mind, and the fact that we are so much more than what most people think they are, i have also tried some third eye opening excersise's in the past and i've had many experiences how ever i abandoned the practice thinking that i'm not spiritually evolved enough to experince the other side of the world simply due to the fact that i had to guru recently while doing some research i came upon this technique called samyama and i was greatly amazed by the technique, and in all aspects i think it's a great gift to mankind. however i do not know how to do samyama, i know it's dhrana>dhyana>samadhi yet i have no clear idea of how to do it and the technique is nearly impossible to find online. it would be a great help if someone was kind enough to give some accurate detail of samyama, as in how to develop samadhi and and how to move on to do samyama, also i would like to know how to do samyama on a person, cause i've been confused whether it's to repeat the name of that person, or to visualize that person.... it would be greatly appericiated if someone could help
  5. Shubashree


    We are happy to inform you that our RUDRAM Course is commencing on the 2nd January 2018. The course is recommended to all serious Practicers of Yoga and Vedic Chanting or anyone sho is seeking to engage in a deep and sincere inquiry into spirituality. Dates : 2nd Jan - 12 Jan 2018 Duration : 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Venue : Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation 60, Old No. 79, Greenways RoadExtension, R A Puram, Chennai - 28
  6. just_someone


    I practice watching the breath and following it with hong sau mainly. I am able to reach a place of great peace after some time, but I am yearning to go deeper. I wonder if anyone here has knowledge of the finer points of withdrawing the senses? It is my understanding that complete withdrawal of the senses is the next stage in concentration, and I'd like to know if there is anything that could help me with that Thank you
  7. Classic old-time 20 min Silent Meditation: 1 - Sit alone quietly, eyes closed, wait a moment . . . then 2 - Silently repeat a short mantra(mono-syllabic is Okay) or prayer-mantra. 3 - Repeat step #2 for 20 minutes*. 4 - At finish, direct attention to any points of discomfort in the body. End. *During step #2-3, the mind will wander away from the task of the mantra repeatition. When that happens, simple return to repeating the mantra.
  8. Version


    The book titled "Effects of Rosary Prayers and Yoga Meditation" in English in PDF format.