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Found 7 results

  1. Version


    The book "Essays on Philosophy and Yoga" by Sri Aurobindo in English in PDF format.
  2. Version


    The pamphlet titled "Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health" in English in PDF format.
  3. Version


    The book titled "Effects of Rosary Prayers and Yoga Meditation" in English in PDF format.
  4. Version


    The book titled "Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra" in English in PDF format.
  5. Hello May i know if i have ,Neecha Banga Rajayoga,Akhanda Samrajya Yoga,Sasa Mahayoga and Raja Yoga and also if they are powerfully situated. Birth date- 1993,04,22 (year/month/day) Time 1.46 (PM) Location - Galle. (Galle District) Sri Lanka. Thanks a lot in advance
  6. keenvaughn

    Kundalini syndrome?

    I am 23 years old living in the Midwest United States and I do not practice yoga, but recently came across the term "Kundalini syndrome." My experience and knowledge with Hinduism, Yoga, and really any kind of spiritualism is quite limited, but I have experienced the following symptoms for as long as I can remember: Visual Snow, Persistent Migraine Aura, or a constant field of transparent static whether my eyes are open or closed. Some areas of my visual field have heavier or more active areas of this static, but it is always present. Occasional tinnitus, or bells, tones, and other random noises with seemingly no external origin. Frequent migraines or pressure headaches that tend to last an entire day and seem to be cured by nothing but time. Random pains in my body that feel like they simply bloom for a moment, and then wither away. Poor circulation and constantly cold hands. Random currents of what feels like electricity that start at the base of my spine and end at the top of my spine. Bouts of periodic and overwhelming depression. I've also been treated for Adult ADHD and while I don't seem to suffer from hyperactivity, I do swing from having no attention span and having hyperfocus. I hear music in the mundane, such as a refrigerator's humming and garbled, wordless speech in silence. I notice every tic, every movement in a person's face from the gloss of their iris, to the dilation of pupils, to the quirk of an eyebrow, to the position of lips...it's like a constantly shifting mechanism that I seem to have an innate understanding for. It's almost as if I can "hear" what they're thinking by their facial cues. I feel like this is worth nothing: I have a love/hate relationship with humanity as a whole, alternatively viewing it as a single cohesive and beautiful breath or as a selfish illness eating itself. I prefer the former when so inspired. I cannot say that this is all bad but medical tests reveal nothing and psychological tests reveal only what appears to be chemical depression. I don't necessarily want to rid myself of whatever this is, either. I feel like if I could somehow harness the energy that is over or under-compensating or whatever, I might be able to do some good with myself. Any ideas on what I should do? Where I should start?
  7. JaiVishnu

    Is this a mudra?

    I began to notice that whenever I'd focus upon energy in the center of my palm, preferably my left, my hand would eventually find itself in a placement all by itself. Because it does it so often and I do not consciously do it, I am convinced that it is a mudra. Though, I am hoping maybe someone can tell me what mudra it is specifically, if it is in fact a mudra. Namaste.