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  1. what sadhana should I do for this? what is the procedure and how long it takes? will be necessarily be mantra sadhana?
  2. raj_kamal how do you know when sadhana is complete? And that it is successful or not? What did you get by veer vaital sadhana and narsim sadhana? How long did it take? a sadhana is always a mantra sadhana? And where to get the mantras from?
  3. thank you for replying. So I can chant the mantra om for like 1 hour everyday? Where should my concentration be while chanting this mantra? What if while chanting I have some thoughts,what to do with them? And I should chant 'ooommmm' in an elongated manner and not just 'om' to complete hundred thousand fast? Is it necessary to use a rosary for this? how is rosary used,I don't know. And my forehead remains heavy all the time.so is my third eye already opened or opening or overactive or what?
  4. how is this apsara sadhna done? @ jai_ maa which links give info on how to call any apsara?
  5. How to meditate on Lord Brahma? How yogis/sadhus used to do it in ancient times? Is there only one way of doing this or many different ways? Can Lord Brahma come on his own to give 'darshan' as it happened in ancient times? It happened even for 'asurs' and 'rakhas' so my chances are bright,no? ​
  6. What are different ways by which the seeker/disciple can lose the Kundalini shaktipat initiation energy given by guru? How can it be lost willingly? How can it be lost accidently? Or is it permanently with the disciple forever?
  7. What are different ways by which the seeker/disciple can lose the Kundalini shaktipat initiation energy given by guru? How can it be lost willingly? How can it be lost accidently? Or is it permanently with the disciple forever?
  8. How can siddhis be achieved? Is it only using mantras? What I have to do is recite a specific mantra for specif number of times? Thats it? What things ensure that I get the siddhi? Where should my attention/concentration be while reciting the mantra? What are the mantras to achieve psychic siddhis? like reading thoughts,seeing future etc.? Is mastery/opening of a chakra considered a siddhi? How can I master my third eye?
  9. Hello all How can I awaken my Kundalini? What are the different Kundalini Awakening systems/techniques or different approaches to do it? There are a lot many and I am confused.Which one gets results early and easily? How did you people awaken your Kundalini? Which yoga should be done and how can I know how to do it properly? Can Sahaj Yoga awaken Kundalini? I last week went to a Sahaj Yoga centre.There they have placed a picture of Smt. Nirmala Devi ji and desire to awaken their Kundalini.They say we don't have to do anything else just desire for it while sitting in front of their photo.Later they also do some 'kirtans'.Will it work? I have been their just once. Isn't it 'Shakti-pat' when we keep their photo in front of us? In November last year,I had severe pain in my right abdomen.It was not usual pain,I never felt that kind of pain before.I got ultrasound test done the very next day suspecting it might be appendix.But reports were all right.I had this pain in night only.It lasted for another 2-3 nights and went away by itself. Some days later I discovered that I have a strange buzzing sound in my ears.A sound similar to what we feel after hearing very loud noise or blasts.Tinnitus maybe? I still have it.Can there be other than medical reasons for it? Someone said that I got purified and came more close to God so I have started hearing higher frequencies? Can I link it to something spiritual? I had done some breathing exercises in October if it concerns or relates to anything? In beginning of November my cousin expired,probably murdered.I had never seen a dead body my whole life till this time.Does this concern with anything? During November-December I had prickling sensations over my upper-body at times.They came for no apparent reason,lasted for few moments and went away.This was not something that happened often but it did happen.This is one of the manifestation of risen Kundalini given on the website. I also have mental confusion,difficulty concentrating.I also day dream alot. Also some unusual stretching of nerves a times which was painful? Am I being stupid? Maybe I am trying to relate everything to Kundalini Does Sun-Gazing open our pineal gland and bring enlightenment as Hira Ratan Manek states? I used to do this in December during morning or evening for around only 10 minutes.I stopped it at the end of December due to foggy days. Do Spinal Breathing and Breath of Fire exercises aid in awakening Kundalini? But these are just 'Physical' exercises? Is having a "Guru" or getting "Initiation" necessary for Kundalini rising? Why? What does Initiation mean? Doing "Shaktipat" Meditation (like keeping someones photo like in Sahaja Yoga) is also like having a Guru,no? Whose photo shall I use and how to use the photo?
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