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Found 2 results

  1. JAI GURUDEV, I would like to share some problems and doubts i am facing during Sadhana Period. If any of the gurubhai (who have done any sadhana successfully / partially successfully and gone through such incidents/thoughts during their sadhana) can answer these questions, i would be really very very thankful to him / her. Because of these questions, i am facing negative thoughts and fear. I don't think so there is any other good place to share such thoughts as you all are my gurubhai and behan. And here, i have found some very good experienced sadhaks. So, i am very hopeful for the resolution. Might be it is also helpful to others. 1. What about sweat (Pasina) ? ======================== During the sadhana, I am sweating a lot as all fans are closed and i am also closing the doors. Sometimes its in larger amount, arise on forehead and it travels to lips area and sometimes it is going in mouth during mantra chanting. As many of the books said, if you are doing any sadhana, just stay steady, so i am not trying to clean it with any cloth and continue chanting of the mantra. But you see, its very tough situation, i am struggling with my mind that time, my concentration is breaking, and i am not satisfied with the chanting i have done. So is there any solution for it? Any Yoga / Ayurvedic Medicine / Mantra to reduce it? Will it work if i stop chanting after current round of rosary and take break and clean it with paper and then start from where i have stopped? If so, how many times i am allowed to do so? 2. Body Problems during Sadhana ========================= Suppose i am doing long mantra anushthan of 51 or 101 rosary round sitting on Siddhasana. I am not facing any such problems until 21 rosary round or less round but after it, i am feeling my body is aching, i am feeling my left leg is paining as i have sitted in this mudra for long time. So, can i change the mudra (from left leg on right leg to right leg on left leg) for a time being after ending of the current rosary round? Or i have to continue whatever situation arise. Or i have to take rest and then continue in same mudra? If i take rest can i change the siddhasan to normal sitting position? If i take rest, whether i need to keep the mala in my hand only or i can put it near Gurudev's picture / on Yantra? After taking rest, do i need to re-purify myself using Pavitrakaran Mantra and Aachman or i can start from where i have stop without purifying and performing further more procedures? 3. Proper Sadhana Process ==================== As suggested on siddhashram.org website, one has to keep open his eyes while chanting the guru mantra and they have provided the reason that might be you get sleep so open your eyes while chanting the mantra. But i am feeling that when i am closing my eyes and feeling his existance, i am able to give my 80% rather than 50% when i am doing mantra chanting with open eyes. So what is the proper way to do the mantra jap? With open eyes or i am allowed to close my eyes? If i have to do mantra chanting with open eyes, where should i can concentrate? On gurudev's eyes, forehead or whole body? What to think while chanting the mantra ? That i am getting success or i am gaining gurudev's power / shaktipat? or praying gurudev from the heart (Bhav Bhakti) ? Another question is where to put Mala after chanting the mantra? On gurudev's yantra? or near gurudev's yantra or near the picture of the gurudev or i can place it in any box? My questions may sounds funny or very silly. But i am facing all these problems and there is not any clear clarifications i am getting. If any of you can answer on the questions mentioned above, it would be helpful to many people like me who is new and very confused. JAI GURUDEV
  2. I guess this question might invite criticism.But still. what can sadhana do in attracting a girl? Can it really work? How? what kind of sadhanas can one do for this? Will it be necessarily a mantra sadhana? Will it be vashikaran or something else? Has this something to do with Kaamdeva? As Kaamdeva is for sex, which is the diety for love? This is not just a out of curiosity question.I would really like to see if sadhana works for this.
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