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  1. Take Guru Diksha. All your doubts will be cleared.
  2. First attach with Gurudev and then you can clear your doubts. Until and unless you are not attached, you can comment or question on the functioning of the Siddhashram or Arogyadham but you can not get the real answer and your doubts get added each and every time you think about it. I am not going to give you in depth knowledge but trying to clear your doubt. Guru is a direction not a body. All those circumstances which are happening infront of you, consider it as Maya. You are not that much awaken to identify the real truth. We are not that much chaitanya to identify why sadgurudev has raised Guru Trimurty to Gurupad. Once in a pravachan gurudev has identified 3 stages of Sadhak. 1. Jigyashu - a student (You are at this stage) In this stage, you might be having lots of doubts. Shashtra has suggested to ask all queries and doubts to Gurudev himself. So, if you have this query in your mind, ask him directly instead of posting question here. If you don't have time to meet him or if you are feeling that he is far from you, so i would like to ask if you don't have time to meet him personally, do you have lots of time to ask the queries or questioning about him? But this stage can be successfully passed, if you have dedication and total surrender. Even if you found he is robber to ask for lots of money for dikshas or even if he is not a successful guru and you are not getting siddhi even if you tried with full dedication it's all your own problems which gurudev don't bother to solve. Why he should bother what you have for them inside your heart? He has long time back very clearly declared that if you surrender yourself and if you chant mantra with full dedication and full involvement, then all your doubts will be gone, i will make them resolved each and every of your doubts but first you start the work with full dedication. 2. After jigyasu, Sishya When all doubts are cleared (You cleared or some circumstances make them cleared or personal meeting with or questioning with gurudev removes your doubts), and you started inputting your full dedication then and then only you are at the stage of sishya. Because that time you will give much importance to gurudev (What make him feel happy, what make him feel uneasy, what is the most favorite thing gurudev likes etc....). And you started involving yourself in Guru Seva. You wake up before Gurudev wake up, always make yourself dedicated to him. His all words are the golden words for you, and you started behaving like what he is interested to make you. That time you can say that you are started achieving the stage of Sishya. 3. After Sishya, Sadhak When sisyatva is well developed, when you don't care about the sadhana or siddhi...but give importance to the gurudev only, then gurudev with full of his power put you on the stage of Sadhaka. That time you do not have to chant any mantra or perform any sadhana. You yourself blessed with Mahalakshmi, Das Mahavidhya, Akash Gaman Siddhi, All Siddhis you get automatically. That time you are in a stage where "Sadhana mei siddhi milegi ki nahi aise koi sansay rah hi nahi jaate".... You started sitting 12 hours for chanting without further movements and with full dedication. Or one can say you do not have to sit for any sadhana. It's all depend on the guru kripa. Now come to my point which i have mentioned above..... "Guru is a direction not a body." Q: If guru is a direction and not a body then why should i care about Guru Trimurty or Gurudev? Why to give this much importance to them? Why they are asking for money for diksha and all that? A: Human mind can not be a thoughtless mind until and unless he himself don't try to be one. He can take support of Tratak / Yoga / Meditation for making the mind thoughtless. But whatever he will do, it's correct or not correct he can not decide. Where he is failing that he can not even identify. For this gurudev is required. Because he has already gone through those stages in his life in which stage you are at the moment. So, he can guide you properly. If you can't see Sadgurudev and Trimurty and Vandniya Mataji (5 fingers of a palm) are not different but all in one, till then you can't surrender yourself to any Guru. Not only guru, you can't trust your own wife / friends / relatives or collegues in your office or your business partener. To create a strong bonding, you have to put first step of surrendering. You can't expect others be adjusted to you. If you are going to a market, you purchase something and you have to pay for it. Diksha is a Tapasya Ansh of Gurudev. He is giving you that power with his open hands, will it be liable to get it free? you ask yourself this question until you don't get any proper answer. Again, guru is ofcourse not a body but to make yourself prepare for any Sadhana or realization your heart and your mind should be opened. And Guru Chitra or Personal Appearance is one medium to get in touch with that divine energy. It's a path or you can say first step of adhyatma. I hope this is enough information to clear your doubts. But if you still have any doubts like this, i am sorry to say you have not till now surrendered yourself to Gurudev. If you are having doubts to whom i have to considered as my Guru, you can feel free to follow any Gurudev because Guru Trimurty are themselves "Param Brahma Swarupa". So it doesnt matter with whom you are attached, you are going to attached with Nikhileshwarananda and Siddhashram in all. All these questions should not be answered, and i think dedicated sadhaks has not replied to this silly question till now because they know it is a useless question. But i have replied it because i think in this way i have indirectly done Guru Seva. JAI GURUDEV
  3. Hello Vishal, Why are you begging dear? If you are not disciple of Pujyapad Swami Nikhileshwaranandji try to go through www.siddhashram.org website and your all queries will be resolved. I am not requesting you to be his disciple but atleast you can have some doubts cleared. Also, remember that this group is for those people who are facing some doubts during sadhana or have some serious problems to be resolved. Nobody is here to teach you something. I am not telling this to you...but i have seen around 1000s of such posts where people either beg for the sadhana procedures or ask for some materials. If you are a true sadhak, dont ask!!!!!!! Ask to only Gurudev or contact Gurudham only. If you are not a sadhak, what are you doing here? Just try to find out what makes you feel like to come across this forum and if you are really ready to have time, money and patient to successfully perform sadhana, take guidance from gurudev either in shivirs or personally visiting gurudham but for god's sake....dont ask here. Any sadhak has not that much rights to give you any suggestion because a true sadhak will never give you suggestion in your sadhanas. We can't. Yes, if you face any difficulties in how to chant the mantra, karmala, manimala concepts then anybody can give you guidance. But if someone suggest you that you do this and that... I think he is not a real sadhak. It's a common understanding between gurudev and sishya. I hope you understand my point. JAI GURUDEV
  4. JAI GURUDEV I have doubt about whatever you have said regarding kakabhujanga that you have met him and all that. Rest all might be correct and the details you have written from some materials not by taking from him. Please try to be honest whenever you are saying your experiences in this group. JAI GURUDEV
  5. Jai Gurudev guruji is not replying on this forum. He is very busy person. If you want to get answer about your queries do contact jodhpur gurudham. Contact details can be found on siddhashram website. Jai Gurudev
  6. JAI GURUDEV, I would like to share some problems and doubts i am facing during Sadhana Period. If any of the gurubhai (who have done any sadhana successfully / partially successfully and gone through such incidents/thoughts during their sadhana) can answer these questions, i would be really very very thankful to him / her. Because of these questions, i am facing negative thoughts and fear. I don't think so there is any other good place to share such thoughts as you all are my gurubhai and behan. And here, i have found some very good experienced sadhaks. So, i am very hopeful for the resolution. Might be it is also helpful to others. 1. What about sweat (Pasina) ? ======================== During the sadhana, I am sweating a lot as all fans are closed and i am also closing the doors. Sometimes its in larger amount, arise on forehead and it travels to lips area and sometimes it is going in mouth during mantra chanting. As many of the books said, if you are doing any sadhana, just stay steady, so i am not trying to clean it with any cloth and continue chanting of the mantra. But you see, its very tough situation, i am struggling with my mind that time, my concentration is breaking, and i am not satisfied with the chanting i have done. So is there any solution for it? Any Yoga / Ayurvedic Medicine / Mantra to reduce it? Will it work if i stop chanting after current round of rosary and take break and clean it with paper and then start from where i have stopped? If so, how many times i am allowed to do so? 2. Body Problems during Sadhana ========================= Suppose i am doing long mantra anushthan of 51 or 101 rosary round sitting on Siddhasana. I am not facing any such problems until 21 rosary round or less round but after it, i am feeling my body is aching, i am feeling my left leg is paining as i have sitted in this mudra for long time. So, can i change the mudra (from left leg on right leg to right leg on left leg) for a time being after ending of the current rosary round? Or i have to continue whatever situation arise. Or i have to take rest and then continue in same mudra? If i take rest can i change the siddhasan to normal sitting position? If i take rest, whether i need to keep the mala in my hand only or i can put it near Gurudev's picture / on Yantra? After taking rest, do i need to re-purify myself using Pavitrakaran Mantra and Aachman or i can start from where i have stop without purifying and performing further more procedures? 3. Proper Sadhana Process ==================== As suggested on siddhashram.org website, one has to keep open his eyes while chanting the guru mantra and they have provided the reason that might be you get sleep so open your eyes while chanting the mantra. But i am feeling that when i am closing my eyes and feeling his existance, i am able to give my 80% rather than 50% when i am doing mantra chanting with open eyes. So what is the proper way to do the mantra jap? With open eyes or i am allowed to close my eyes? If i have to do mantra chanting with open eyes, where should i can concentrate? On gurudev's eyes, forehead or whole body? What to think while chanting the mantra ? That i am getting success or i am gaining gurudev's power / shaktipat? or praying gurudev from the heart (Bhav Bhakti) ? Another question is where to put Mala after chanting the mantra? On gurudev's yantra? or near gurudev's yantra or near the picture of the gurudev or i can place it in any box? My questions may sounds funny or very silly. But i am facing all these problems and there is not any clear clarifications i am getting. If any of you can answer on the questions mentioned above, it would be helpful to many people like me who is new and very confused. JAI GURUDEV
  7. JAI GURUDEV Ever since year 2004, has tej narayana replied on any queries till now? There are many people out there who claims that they are siddh in Apsara Sadhana. I am not saying its not possible but i believe this kind of announcements a sadhak can do infront of the Guru himself only not to the world. And a real siddh person is very hard to found because he is most probably busy in his own activities and upbringing himself on the path of adhyatma. He is not having that much time to come up to this blog and resolve your queries. I am not saying Tej Narayan is not a correct person / have not successfully done anything. But you people also have mind, don't you? And i am also agreed with ramana_dasan who have so politely described the real fact. JAI GURUDEV
  8. JAI GURUDEV We all are attached with Gurudev either by MTYV or by any books written by gurudev or by some curiosity what is happening in Sadhana, how can i be more powerful? how can i be a siddh person or ishwar sakshatkar etc. As you all know the people might come across some questions and some queries. I would like to clearify the questions continuously arising in my mind from ages. I come across this particular website and found it very useful to be attached with some more people like me who is interested to do something but due to some problems they are unable to pick up the right direction in sadhana world. 1. Many times, while chanting mantra / sadhana period, mind is thinking what i am doing is correct? Will i get siddhi? I know we can not be siddh if we have doubts like this as mentioned in lots of materials and books, but how to control this kind of thoughts? 2. Is gurudev and his siddhis are truth? or just stories? or Jodhpur dham is just making the people like us fool and intended to collect money. Why all sadhanas are this much costly? I have read somewhere that gurudev is giving diksha free of cost, its depend on the disciple to gather that power as much as possible, then why most of the diksha costs too much? Well i know i can be bombered with lots of arguments on this particular thing but i have resolved it by my own. And for that, i would really thanks to GURUDEV for this. Would like to point out the answer the way i have resolved it so that it can be useful for the new sadhaks. Guruji ke words mei hi, guru is koi vyakti nahi hai, guru woh hai jiske gyan ke aashray mei tumhe prerna mile sahi dhang se mantra jap karne ki.... guru woh hai jo tumhe bataye tumhara uddeshya kya hai. Gyan guru hai, mai koi guru nahi hun..... To jab mai guru hi nahi hun to phir mera sahi hona, naa hona tum par nirbhar hai, tum jis rup mei mujhe dekhna chahoge, usi rup mei me dikhai dunga........ and the conversations goes on.... But still if any gurubhai can focus on this second question and reply on the same with their own thoughts / anubhuti, it would be highly appreciate. 3. Sambhog / Masturbation is allowed? Now it is a big problem. I want to know whether "Masturbation" is allowed in our whole life after taking the diksha? I know it is a common problem most of the people are facing but they feel shame to discuss it here. So i am arising this question. When i am saying masturbation it is not meaning doing sex with any woman. Sometimes, during Sadhana or without performing Sadhana (We do everyday mantra chanting - min 4 guru mantra, 1 chetna mantra, 1 gayatri mantra) what if someone feels like to masturbate even if after reading any good material to divert their mind or making ourselves busy in work? And is there any mantra / yog by which we can control urges to do Masturbation? There may be lots of questions a human can have in their mind. But i think only these three questions can also resolves many people's queries and can put them on the right path of success. And for that, clearifications are required. JAI GURUDEV
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