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  1. I got a vision of Krishna during meditation and his skin in blue, not black. Infact his skin is glowing gleaming like liquid blue sapphire! He smiled and gave me his peacock feather.
  2. Hello, I am at an important cross-road in life, and I need to take a decision and move forward. However, I am unable to take a decision and just feel unsure and have been unable to move forward. Can you please suggest a good mantra for me to REMOVE DOUBT and be able to move forward? Thanks. (I have tried Gayatri mantra chanting for more than 3 months, but still feel doubt. Would be good if people could suggest some other mantra). Thanks
  3. Dear All, wherever I chant the Hare Krishna mantra, I start getting angry and remembering some unresolved issues. More I chant, the more my anger rises. Finally I stop chanting. Why is this happening? What kind of experiences other people had when starting to chant this mantra? Thanks.
  4. Divine all, Namaste! I was meditating yesterday and saw the following vision: I saw Krishna sitting on a mountain peak. He glowed like liquid blue gold, body fully covered with jewels…He looked dazzling, scintillating!!! I was standing just below the mountain peak, few feet away from Him. He looked at me and smiled and plucked the peacock feather off his crown and handed it to me, I took it. After this much, the vision disappeared. What does this vision indicate? what is the meaning of Krishna giving me his peacock feather? Thank-you, Sandy123
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