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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Can someone please help and recommend some specialist vashikaran specialist in delhi/ncr region. Please guys it is really very important please help.
  2. Hi....please can someone tell me if there is anyone who can help me get my ex-back, i really really love him a lot, he is nt even talking to me, he wouldn't even tell me the reason,he used me almost for 2 years and now he won't even talk to me, i even tried to kill myself twice,there is no other way for me, this is my last hope and trail if this wouldn't work then i dn't have any other option but to kill myself.and i really dn't want to die, i love myself and my life, please if there is anyone who can do vashikaran for me to get my ex-back please help me out, i don't have long time.
  3. Pranams to one and all gurubhais, sadhakas and jijnasas. I have few questions regarding "Chandrawajra Vashikaran" and humbly request you all to enlighten me. 1. Is "Chandrawajra Vashikaran" a genuine and authentic prayogam OR it is just "Coined" by the fake vashikaran specialists seen on the net? 2. If it is genuine, which text is it from? 3. Have any of you ever read about it and/or tried it either theoretically or practically? If this chandrawajra vashikaran is genuine....I, in all humility request you to give me the in-detail procedure of its' prayogam. Thankyou one and all in advance. Pranams.
  4. Dear Friends, I want to share my short story with you all when I was in united states for my studies I had a love affair with a guy. But within a couple of months he came and told me he cannot marry me as his parents are against me and intercaste marriage. I was too depressed and my dreams where shattered. Than after I started contacting Gurujis and Swamis on net, I came across two gurus who just took money and nothing work, meanwhile I told my story to one of my friend in India, he suggested me to get back to India in vacation. When I get back to India he make me meet one of his family astrologer, after doing two to three request he suggested me to do some rituals by myself along with him parallel. And atlas I got result in 3-5 months and now we are married. After completion of my work I got to meet him and tried convincing him to open website and bring this science of vashikaran to the world but he did'nt agreed. I want to say you that real person will never come out openly like opening websites and marketing on such forums because they wanted to be away from world and just want the real needful to get help. Indiadivine is a good site but people who are marking for those gurus are fake here.
  5. I guess this question might invite criticism.But still. what can sadhana do in attracting a girl? Can it really work? How? what kind of sadhanas can one do for this? Will it be necessarily a mantra sadhana? Will it be vashikaran or something else? Has this something to do with Kaamdeva? As Kaamdeva is for sex, which is the diety for love? This is not just a out of curiosity question.I would really like to see if sadhana works for this.
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