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  1. Hello sir, My life has become a big mess, future seems to be hope less,can you please predict and tell me if i'll ever get married to the guy i love. DOB: 23.07.1989 Timing: between 11: 45 Am Place: Kurnool (AP).India
  2. Hi.....i need help in getting my ex back, if anyone knows about any genuine babaji or sadhu or vashikaran specialist please give me there phone number or address,i'll be really grateful if that baba or sadhu is from Hyderabad, please i know what i'm doing, i really don't have time, i need to do this as soon as possible, i loved a guy more then anything and he used me for 2 years and now he left me, i can't even get married to any other guy, i can't live with this shame full life, i have tried everything else i can this is the only way i got now, if this doesn't work out i don't have any other option but to kill myself.please give me some good genuine babaji's address or phone number.
  3. Hi....please can someone tell me if there is anyone who can help me get my ex-back, i really really love him a lot, he is nt even talking to me, he wouldn't even tell me the reason,he used me almost for 2 years and now he won't even talk to me, i even tried to kill myself twice,there is no other way for me, this is my last hope and trail if this wouldn't work then i dn't have any other option but to kill myself.and i really dn't want to die, i love myself and my life, please if there is anyone who can do vashikaran for me to get my ex-back please help me out, i don't have long time.
  4. Hi.....I'm desperately in need of someone who can help me get back the guy whom i loved please....i know what i'm doing, this is the only option i got, please i'm from Hyderabad, if there is any genuine baba or swamiji plzzz...gimme there phone number and address. plzzz
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