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  1. We have been in relationship since 2 years and know each other from 4.5 years We have decided to get married, but our kundli is not matching. Astrologers are saying that your marriage will break in 1-2 years. They say our stars are not matching our moonsign is opposite. My details are:- Name : Rishi Agrawal DOB : 15 nov 1983 Time of Birth : 9:50 PM Place of Birth : Gwalior Girl's Detail Name : Priyanka DOB : 8 Jan 1983 Time of Birth : 11:30 PM Place of Birth : Almora We have seen 5-6 astrologers and all of them say that the marriage will break in 2 years. Please suggest what we should do, i love her too much and it would be very very difficult for us seperate Also please tell us are all the astrological predictions true? Or can we change the predictions by our firm belief and determination. Please help us urgently.....
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