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  1. cud the learned members pls reply:pray: Thanks Padmini
  2. cud the learned members pls reply:pray: Thanks Padmini
  3. cud the learned members pls reply:pray: Thanks Padmini
  4. Cud someone pls reply Thanks Padmini
  5. Namaskar, There is a new development in our lives. Hence I am asking his question and continuing in the same thread. We are trying to buy a house and it is going to be in my name. My question is will we move to our own house this year and is it OK if the house is in my name since I have heard from some one very close that any investment done under my name does not turn out good . Please learned members of the forum reply to this message .I eill be ever grateful to you all. Thanks Padmini
  6. Pls help.. I have been waiting for a reply.Please help
  7. Namaskar, I am trying find out some things because I am experiencing depression in my married life . I have lived a pretty difficult life . Always had to fight for everything in life . The cause of distress in my marriage is mostly due to my parents. Hence I am trying found some good news . Please forgive me but I can't lose hope and every time I have asked this question I haven't got an answer. Hence I have reposted . I am very grateful to all you learned remembers , if you can throw some light on it. Thanks Padmini
  8. Respected guruji's , Can somone please analyse the marriage kundli for the below dates Boy: DOB:June 24 1972 POB: Tumkur,Karnataka TOB:6:30 a.m Girl DOB: August 10 1979 POB:Bangalore,Karanataka TOB:12:30p.m Thanks in Advance Paddy:pray:
  9. Thank you WebYogiji for taking the time to explain it . I am sorry but I forgot to mention that I am already married and I was wondering how the move will affect it. Also just one more question , we are trying for 2 nd baby can you please tell me when i will have my 2nd baby. i already have baby girl who is 4 years old. Thanks Paddykris
  10. Dear WebYogi Sir, Thank you very much for a very swift reply. If I may trouble you once more by asking you to explain it in common man terms because I am sorry to say I have very little exposure to astrology and it is difficult to understand fully what you are saying. Thank you oce again . Happy New Year. Paddykris
  11. Hello learned ones, I am working as a consultant is a company.They are offering a fulltime with them but I am worried that it may not work out because of salary restrictions on my side and theirs.Also I am planning to move different city next year and look for a job there can someone please tell me if this move will be good for me career wise or is it safe to take the present job. Also with this move will it affect too much on my married life. My brith details : DOB : aug 10 1979 TOB : 12:30p.m POB : Bangalore ,Karnataka ,India, Any help is appreciated. Thanks Paddykris
  12. Thank you Sir, I understand what you are saying . I guess after reading some of the things that we have on the internet ,I got a little carried away .I can do the best I can and leave the rest to my daughter and in GOD'S hands.
  13. Thanks you Sir, I am not very well versed in Planetary positions and what they mean. Can you please explain in lay man terms. Thanks in Advance
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