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  1. Krishna, I have Chandaal yoga in Dhanu rashi with lagna lord jupiter, rahu and sun in lagna. My birth details are as follows. DOB: 26/12/1972 Birth Place: Vadodara, gujarat Time: 7.40AM Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hello Guruji, Please find my details as below and let me know when are you seeing job change or better career. DOB: 12/26/1972. Birth Time: 7.40 AM Birth Place: vadodara, gujarat, india. Thanks in advance. Regards, Manish
  3. Hello Guruji, My DOB is 26/12/1972, Birth Time: 7.40AM, Birth Place: Vadodara/Gujarat. I would like to when do you see that I can change my job. Currently I am working at place where I dont enjoy working and I would like to change. Do you see any change coming for me. Please not my email address is shah_manish@live.com Thanks, Manish
  4. Bhaskarnji, Thanks for the reply. I am already in USA from past 12 years and working as software professional in multination company Motorola Inc. I appreciated all your responses. Thanks Manish
  5. Thanks Bhaskaran for the reply. No I never had any relation with any women in the period you suggested but as you said I had gone through lot of problem in the period. I also met an accident but somehow I survived from accident. Do you see the problem continues till 2012 ? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Actually Rajshekharji, I just found out that my birth time is 7.40 AM instead of 7.30 AM. All other things remain same. Would there be any changes in your predictions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Also do you see any chances of me moving towards business from job. Please let me know. From past few years I am not seeing any success in my professional career. Thanks Manish
  7. Thanks a lot Rajshekhar. I will do what you suggested. Again thanks for the help.
  8. Hello Guruji, I am finding lot of difficulities in my professional carriers and uncertainities on job. I am not sure when it is going to get better. Could you please help. Name: Manish Shah (Male) My Birth 26/12/1972 Birth Time: 7.30 AM Birth Place: Vadodara, Gujarat By the way I am working as comupter professional in multinational company named Motorola Inc. Regards, Manish
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