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  1. law? Mercury is debilitated in 5th and Sun - the 9thlord is in 8th from 9th house?
  2. I did chemical engg - but worked in telecom/IT sector 8 years of my workin glife. Right now - i am working with a freind with no money involved in helping his software /data analytics
  3. What is the profession? that I will be most successful in?
  4. I have two sons born in April 1998 and September 1999 and there is no typo...
  5. yes i got married in May 2005. will iw ork. will i earn so that we can clear debts. i want to know health- marital happiness and kids prospects
  6. USR parents were in private sector. have on eyoungerbrother who is married. I got married in May 2005. have two sons born one in april 1998 and sep 1999. spent fe years out of india. right now back in india. did BE froma reputed college in India. I have been on and off work. when i work i used to earn lot of money. lost mother on 26/4/2005. did kids upanayanam on 23/4/2006. I ssaturn dasa good fo rhealth/family/finance and father
  7. Can anyone tell me the effect of Mars and Venus mutual exchange in 6th and 7th house and also effect of Saturn Dasa for me? Name: Vidhya Raman DOB: 21/03/1972 TimeofBIrth:10.55 pm PLace of Birth: Thanjavur Thanks
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