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  1. Dear mruduls(prsna) Mars in the seventh house means that your relationship with the outside world/partner will be like mars, \ that is with lot of fire. If mind (moon) is not disposed well in such charts, anger , arguments, ill conceived logic will find its place in relationship with the outside world. This will lead to breaks. If other factors like dasa period and transits help, the event will happen. Instead of asking with limited data, why dont you post your birth detail along with that of the person you married,, and also date of marriage. regards, sasisekaran
  2. Dear Prsna, Your question is valid and the reply is not simple. I will touch upon few points. My knowledge is limited and hence my reply too will be. 1. If we believe in the theory of karma, then whatever parihara we do, events are to happen. 2. If we believe in the theory of prayers , fate can be overcome through parihara. To prove the above, we are not equipped . Whether one can overcome the difficulties or not, astrology in many cases show what is likely to happen. Events that have occurred , also fit in with the laid out astrological rules. While applying the rules, if one genuinely applies his/her mind, prediction is possible. Knowing the future prepares the mind for the good or bad. But astrology does not change one's fate. Many people who consult astrologers are often given sweet predictions , either due to commercial approach or friendly/encouraging approach. Also the predictions are proportional to the knowledge of an astrologer/practitioner. Astrology has not been practiced by many and there is very little interaction between astrologers. Few people who practice are exposed to very little practical cases which is miniscule of the total population of the world. The theory of astrology cannot be fully understood or refined with such few cases. Ofcourse there may be few astrologers whose predictions are very close the truth, but who knows who ? you have said your horoscope is suppose to be good. On what basis ? Sri Rama's horoscope is good. Why did he live in forests instead of living on roses ? Astrology is true but astrologers are not.. just like doctors. regards sasisekaran
  3. Hello Poojagupta, It is heart breaking to know that such a long love life has ended in a tragedy. I feel for it. There are many number of ways a chart can be looked at. An astrologer or a practitioner should always have an eye of an eagle to look for certain combinations of importance. If such combinations are present, the chart should be ploughed more and all the good/bad timings should be conveyed to the person concerned irrespective of their ability to face it, especially if it is bad. Venus is the king of this chart. It is atma karaka. Any hit to atma karaka by more than one kroora , not only in Rasi but other vargas should be viewed seriously. venus suffers the onslaught by krooras in many vargas and in relevant places. Venus gains importance as it the is lord of the 8th cusp. Venus is very closely associated with Mars. As far as i am concerned, this chart would not have eluded my sight. Did the accident happen during march-may period ? Vimsottari Dasa: Rah MD: 1992-07-18 - 2010-07-18 Mars AD: 2009-06-29 - 2010-07-18 Ven PD: 2010-03-23 - 2010-05-26 ?.........?? can you please throw more light on the "day and time" of accident ? I will show you more on that. regards, sasisekaran
  4. Hello Sow.gsingh you may post time of birth and place of birth for making the kundali. also post your date of marriage. sasisekaran
  5. Hello Sri.Abhijitpotdar, If your birth time is accurate and withing 3 to 4 minutes, jupiter antar which started in apr 2010 can be troublesome. Though this period ends in july 2012, near chance for a job is in dec 2010. If you don't mind can give details regarding your career.. like first job, 2nd job which may include datof joining and date of quitting.. sasisekaran.
  6. Hello codisil pl chant the following mantras as many times as possible. Recommended is atleast each 1008 times a day. Pl light a lamp and chant the mantras. Agni is important. OM MAAHESWARYAI NAMAH... 1008 TIMES OM MAHALAKSHMIYAY NAMAH.. 1008 TIMES sasisekaran.
  7. hello sow.Gyatri, The names of the persons should be treated as phonetic sounds and one has to observe what kind of phonetic sound does the name have in the beginning. If you can tell the beginning of names of persons who betrayed her to make me understand the phonetics which have troubled her, I can cross check them and see if they appear so in kundali. Unless such an exercise is done, it is hard to tell. Pl understand that her chart has some fundamentally weak points as far as her relationships (includes friends, relatives, life partner..) are concerned. sasisekaran
  8. Hello Sow.Baby, thanks for the info. Given below are auspicious times of GURU for each day. The times are in 24 hrs format and IST., assuming that sunrise is 6:00 hrs. If actual sunrise on a day is , say 30 mins after 6 hrs, add 30mins to the given time below. If sunrise is before 6 am , deduct so many minutes. Guru blesses children and one may unite with the partner during this time. Union should be for getting children with good thoughts in the mind at the time of union. SUN 4 11 18 MON 1 8 15 22 TUE 5 12 19 1 WED 2 9 16 23 THU 6 13 20 FRI 3 10 17 SAT 0 7 14 21 wish you good luck sasisekaran
  9. Hello Sow.Swetha, Even with complete birth details, predicting death is a tough issue. You have not given time of birth and place of birth. UP is big state. With what inputs did the priest predict so ? did you show his kundali to him ? sasisekaran
  10. hello Baby The worst Rahu dasa is over. Though jupiter dasa is on, it is not favourably placed fully. It would be better if both start attending 'pradosha puja ' on trayodasi days and also offer special prayers to lord Shiva. Also arrange for abisheka to Lord Shiva on ten mondays with ghee, milk, sudha jala, sugarcane juice, honey and sacred ashes. This would help to come out of the curse from jupiter. did the abortion take place in mercury's period ? Vimsottari Dasa: Rah MD: 2007-08-27 - 2025-08-27 Rah AD: 2007-08-27 - 2010-05-07 Sat PD: 2008-05-30 - 2008-11-05 Sookshma-antardasas in this PD: Sat: 2008-05-30 - 2008-06-25 Merc: 2008-06-25 - 2008-07-18 ... was this the period of abortion ? Ket: 2008-07-18 - 2008-07-27 Ven: 2008-07-27 - 2008-08-23 Sun: 2008-08-23 - 2008-08-31 Moon: 2008-08-31 - 2008-09-13 Mars: 2008-09-13 - 2008-09-22 Rah: 2008-09-22 - 2008-10-16 Jup: 2008-10-16 - 2008-11-05 sasisekaran
  11. hello Birth of a child is possible between 2011 and 2013. However , both of you may stick to healthy food and continuous yogic exercises to keep fit. You need not loose hope since women have given birth to children even after 40. sasisekaran
  12. Hello Sow.Gayatri, Your worry seem to be genuine as her chart shows delay and negatives as far as married life is concerned. She could have had few disappointments in her relationships., probably between 2004 and 2006. More after hearing from you. sasisekaran
  13. Hello codisil, For your age I don't think any advice is necessary. People of all ages run into problem in spite of inbuilt ability to find the difference between right and wrong or anger and cool. Why ? It is the inherent 'ego' that makes everyone feel that why should one change course when they are on the right side . This brings in anger and then slowly leads to hatred and finally to separation. These factors bring in havoc in those people whose kundali contain elements of discord by way of kroora grahas or planets positioned in strategic places. The period is not good for both of you now and it lasts atleast till the end of the year 2010. In the long run this period extends till 2013. It is advisable for both of to tone your anger and ego in the interest of children. Don't question as to who should start first. Some one has to start. If you feel as to why 'I' should start, that itself is a clear indication of the ego playing its devil role. Planet 'Sun' is your atma karaka, the king of the chart. When such people try to rule, naturally opposition comes in one way or the other. 'Sacrifice', the element that brings success in married life is hard to practice but it seems to be the only way. It is the theme of marriage. Will you do it ? Choose any mantra known to you and chant with utmost devotion and faith. All mantras produce good results and there is no difference between them if God wishes to bless. He is the ultimate. The prayer in the form of appeal to him and then practicing it in day to life is the crux of mantras. If you know astrology, I can tell you the exact 'dates' that can bring in fights. Basic techniques have been taught by our sages and it is we who have thrown them to the dust bins. sasisekaran.
  14. hello Dinesh pl post your question in a separate thread. you were born in the junction of two stars. People use different standards to cast a horoscope. This brings in further confusion. Your star is in the junction of poorvabhadrapada 4th pada and uthrabhadrapada 1st pada. sasisekaran.
  15. Hello Anand, This is exactly one of the tough challenges in astrology. It is really tough to differentiate between marriage and no marriage. When a chart has some negative points for not getting married, the tools available to our knowledge is so limited that we find hard to crack the code of karma. Saturn, though lagna lord but a kroora associating with sixth lord and mars placed in 12th along with 8th lord mercury aspecting the seventh house have played dominant role in preventing the marriage. Moon is sixth lord and mercury is 8th lord. Both are deterimental to the 7th house. The crux of the issue is that the period of mercury started in 2001 at the right time of marriage. Mercury is placed in marana karaka sthana in navamsa ( i have corrected your time of birth to 6:33:51 hrs using birth time correction techniques which i may not say is final ). Mercury is also a bhadaka in navamsa. When one gets married , one is supposed to get children. So if one looks at your saptamsa chart, there are strong indications for childlessness. Mercury is placed in kali-naasa shastiamsa which is bad. Strong curse is coming from jupiter in shastiamsa chart. Corrected shastiamsa chart clearly shows the deblitated 7th lord sun in rasi once again playing its role in the 7th joining the dasa lord mercury. Saturn and mars are placed in kendras to the 7th house in shastiamsa. The grahas who are playing vital role in the rasi chart (present) have a strong link to the shastiamsa (past birth - according to one school of thought). The remedy lies in attending pradosha and a parikrama of shiva for forty days non stop. The curse from jupiter is very strong and hence your effort to clear it will have to be in equal amounts if not more. Apart from these what are the real reasons for the girls turning you down, like looks, not enough salary, average education, etc from the point of view of the opposite sex ? sasisekaran.
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