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  1. Namaste, Date of birth 6th Jan 1969. Time- 6.20 am Place- Nasik (Maharastra),India Sex- Female. Education- Elecrronics Engineering Status- Presently house wife. Father- Expired in sept 1987 Mother- House Wife. I have 2 younger Brothers they both are working in good position. They both are married. I got married 19th december 1996.Husband is Mechanical Engineer. Now in Software. I Have One daughter (11 year old} Now I am In U.S.A. I am On H4 Visa This year I appplied My H1b(working Visa ) but because of lottery I Didn't get it in India I was working for 12 years.so siiting at home I am geeting depression. so I decided to upgrade my education. I took admission for Masters in Maths & Computer Science. but one day before college starts I got fractured in my anckle.now for more than one month my leg is in cast. I can't walk.So I cancelled my admission for this semister. My question is may i get sucess in education. Can i take again admission for next semister i.e. January 2009 or I can cancelled the admission forever. please guide me.
  2. Hallo, I am looking for Shabari Devi Kavach. Can any body help me regarding that? Thanks.
  3. Namaste, My Date of birth 7th June 1967 Tme 6.37 am Place- kedgaon,Pune,Maharastra Education-Mechanical Engineer passed in 1988 Service- Software Consultant in USA. Father- Expired in 2004 Mother - House wife One elder brother & one younger sister both are married. I got married in dec 1996 My wife was working in India. now in USA she is a house wife. I have one 10 year old Daughter.I came in USA in Feb 2005.I have applied Green Card in oct 2007. Can I get Green Card. How many years should I stay in USA.
  4. Namaste, my date of Birth 7th June 1967 Time 6.37am Place Kedgaon, Pune,Maharastra. Education- Mechanical Engineer passed in 1988 Service- Softwarwe Consultant in USA I have One Elder Brother & One youner sister both are marreid Father Expired in feb. 2004 Mother House wife. I got married in Dec 1996. Wife was working in India. Now in USA wife is house wife. One 10 years old Daughter. In feb 2005 I came in USA.My Question is that I have applied my Green Card in october 2007 Can I get Green Card? How many years I will stay in USA. Thanks & Regards
  5. respected sir, D.O.B. 7th june 1967 time 6.37 am place of birth- Pune, India. Presently I am working in USA.I have applied green card october 2007. Can I get Green Card.? How many years i can stay in USA. Thanks & REgards,
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