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  1. So, i was told to wear a neelam by a few pundits, apparantly i am going to a sade sad sati! My birth details are as follows Name: Sunil Sahota Date of Birth : 4th June 1987 Place of birth : London, UK Gender: Male Time of Birth 17.05pm Anyways, i wore the neelam this sat, 2 days on i've had wierd dreams...last nite i had a dream there was massive boils on my head and im visitng a doctor and the female doctor tells me its not dangerous and to ub sum oil on it. These dreams are not disturbing but ammusing. i come in and out of sleep but still enjoy the sleep. Before the nelam i felt drained and weak, unable to wake up for work but now i even on a few hours of sleep i feel more energetic..Do i still carry on wearing the neelam? jai Mataji Sunil
  2. Hey guys! just wanted to let you know that Ganesh Atharvashirsha is a vedic prayer...to chant vedic mantras you must have a Janeo (sacred thread ceremony) once this ceremony is complete you will be initiated into a gaytri mantra by the priest...once you have that you will be able to chant Vedic Mantras....if you do not have a Janeo you can chant the puranic versions instead until you obtain thethread. For example, Om Triumbakam Yaja Mehe Sujandith Pushti Vardanam, Urva Ruk Niva Vandana Mrityo Mukhsiyamaruthat is a Vedic version of the Maha Mritunjaya Mantra (which shud only be chanted if you have a Janeo) if your waiting for a janeo you shud use the puranic version of the mritunjaya mantra which is "Mritunjaya mahadev trayimam sharanagatham, janma mritu jararogeh perikum karama bandaneh" Good Luck Jai Mataji
  3. I dont think this a mental disease...i have dealt with cases like this many times....you need to find someone who gets possessed by Mataji in your area...they will be able to guide you properly. Good Luck
  4. yee! Mango leaves are even better... we dont have any supplied in the UK but ur lucky if you can get hold of them! If they are pictures just use a drop over the frame glass...so u dont ruin the picture. Good Luck
  5. what does it mean if two memebers of the same family are dreaming of either death or family members mourning on a regular basis?
  6. yeh, i know people who get Santoshi and Gayatri. Lakhsmi is very common amongst Gujarati and Punjabis also.
  7. Shakti means energy...Energy is everywhere and energy has the ability to go into humans and object. People say maa is soo powerful how can she enter a person? If you take moving energy for example, my fingers typing requires the same energy as your fingers typing...they are both the same energy yet only a part of the universe's moving energy all together...so maa entering people is only a very very very very small percent of her energy. Also maa gave the boon to the gods and devotees that when ever there will be evil in this world, when ever my devotees call me i will be there. If not in my form i will use people to do my work. Kaliyugs evil is man so she is using man to do her work. Jai Mataji
  8. Make a swastik on your door step a day before they come. Clean your mandir, hang paan leaves tied to string over your main door. When the pictures arrive sit them on a small stool (bajot) outise your mandir, wash them with Milk, water, honey, water, ghee, water, suger, water and apply tilak to them place them in your mandir and offer dhoop and deep. Good Luck Jai Mata Ji
  9. yeh that mandir is nice....Khodiyar maa rides a Crocodile and always has a Trisul with a red cloth tied to it in one hand to support her limp. Khodiyar maa also wears a bheriyo which is a long shawl made of wool but not woven. It has gold string in it and silver bells. Thats why im assuming its not Keteri Amma. Also Keteri amma is believed to be made out of Kali Maa to go into unclean places to get rid of Evil. Khodiyar was a Cobra snake given by Shiv Vardan.
  10. I suggest to say Kali Mantras such as Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Paremeshwari kalike Swaha. Also chant Durga Kawach in Sankrit daily and do Chandi Paat. The best solution is to do 108 Hanuman Chalisas and chant "Bhoot pichash nikat nahi aveh mahavir jab naam sunaye" See someone who gets Mataji and can help you...if not go to Rajastan to Mehindipur Balaji Mandir...they will definitly help you. Good Luck Jai Mataji
  11. They sound simular but no, Khodiyaar maa isnt Keteri Amma.
  12. Jai Mataji, Aai Shree Khodiyar. Khodiyar is a recent Devi from our time. She is also known as a Charan Ni Dikri. (Charans are a caste in Rajasthan and Gujarat who hindus believe are direct decendants of Maa) Her temples are found all over Gujarat, rajashtan and Mumbai. The main four are matel, Bhavnagar, Galdhare and Daathaniya. He story is a very long one...theres a book on her called Khodiyar geeta. if you go to jaikhodiyar.com website you can learn her story. He puja is done in a very simple way. All she asks for is love. Offer her flowers, deep, dhoop, wash her murti and sprinkle Gulal and Abil and Kum KUm and she will be very happy chanting Aai Shree Khodiyar Namah. Her fav colour is Black and Red. She is known for Bhuwa Valiye meaning her pujaris and bhakts often encounter her possessions. Hope this is okay for you if you want to know more feel free to add me on msn buff_ryderz @ hotmail .com
  13. does anyone have mantras for Suryas wife to use in her puja...she goes by the name Randal or Saranyu
  14. so where can these gurus be found...from what sampradayas shud we seek as i found most vaishnav gurus do not promote Shakti Sadhanas...
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