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  2. Hello everyone, You can find some very beautiful Dasa Mahavidya Yantras at: The Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses - Home You can download them free. Enjoy! HST108
  3. Hello everyone, You can find some very beautiful Dasa Mahavidya Yantras at: The Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses - Home You can download them free. Enjoy! HST108
  4. Hello everyone, You can find some very beautiful Dasa Mahavidya Yantras at: The Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses - Home You can download them free. Enjoy! HST108
  5. Dear Nandana, Sorry I took a while to reply. I didn't think any one was reading this thread any more, but was pleasantly suprised to find your response when I read it today. To answer your questions - yes I feel drawn to spiritual healing work but have not had much opportunity to practice it. Thanks for your kind comments about my chart. I was particularly interested in what you said about the Tapsavi yoga. I do feel inclined to follow the spiritual path more seriously at some stage in my life although I am happily enjoying a householder existance at the moment. Can you explain a little bit more about this. Is it a hinderance to have Jupiter in the 12 the house in Navamsa for spiritual pursuits? As far as I know there are no errors in the birth time. Kind regards HST108
  6. Dear Astro102, First of all thanks for the service that you are offering. My question is about my spiritual journey in life. Based on my chart should I or would I become a renunciate? What spiritual progress am I destined to make? My details: DoB: 28/02/1969 Time: 2.42pm Place: Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many Thanks!
  7. Arasel, Thanks again for posting the Durga bija mantra. You have raised some interesting points. I would really like to get initiated into the Sri Vidya tradition but I have not found a teacher to initiate me into this tradition. I don't particularly trust the advertisements on the web offering initiations. So since I do not have access to a guru the next best thing is to take the Devi as my guru and try to obtain a shakti by doing japa. Not sure if this will yeild desired results or not, but I am sure I will gain some benefits. Afterall, mantra japa has various benefits if not siddhi powers.
  8. Arasel, Thanks for your reply. Not sure why you brought the above into this discussion. I beleive every devi bhakta is well aware of avoiding any sexual association regarding any form of Shakti regardless of whether she is naked or not. I personally consider the Devi as my mother, besides I am a heterosexual female -- so there is no way I would have any sexual association towards the naked form of a Shakti. Besides why place any importance on nakedness? For me it personally does not matter. As a health practioner I see naked bodies (men and women) all the time -- and it's no big deal.
  9. Dear Ravindran ji, Thanks very much for replying (I was away for a while, hence my late response). Thanks for listing the tantric texts and the link. I shall certainly look it up come back to you if I have questions.
  10. Good to hear from you, Astro_Tech ji! And thanks very much for replying me.
  11. This request goes out to Ravindran ji (or anyone who is familiar with Tantric Texts), I am very interested in learning Tranta. Could you kindly recommend what Tantric Texts I should read in order to get a sound understanding of Tantra? If you coul list "must read" Tantric Texts for beginners and advanced level practitioners it would be immensely helpful to those who are interested in this topic. I am interested in English translations as I do not speak Hindi. However, for the benefit of others may be you could also list Hindi / Sanskrit texts. Many thanks. HST108.
  12. Dear Astro Guruji's, There are many paths to God. As they say "there is horses for courses" it is imporatnt to be on the spritual path that one is suited for. This is where astrology can be of immense help. This is a question that would interest those who are searching for the a suitable spiritual path. Can someone please enlighten us on the astrological indications for someone who is suited for the Tantric path. Thank you.
  13. Dear luv4god,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> As Ppena ji and others have pointed out very wisely without having to even check horoscopes it is obvious from what you have written that you will be better off getting a divorce rather than trying to force the situation by wanting your husband to change. And waiting patiently for him to change may not be a good idea as well. How long are you going to wait? Are you willing to put your life on hold indefinitely? You see, Luv4god, I have been through what you are going through right now and have survived it! I not only survived it but once I let go of being attached to a particular outcome I realized that the Universe had much better things in store for me. Today I am happily married to a wonderful man! My first marriage was arranged and couple of astrologers confirmed the horoscope matched – which I find surprising when I think of it now. My first husband seemed to be the perfect son-in-law that my parents wanted and naturally I liked him as well. He was good-looking, well-educated and very well off. Before we got married he presented himself as the perfect gentleman, considerate, attentive, generous, always going out of his way to please my parents etc. But he was wearing mask! After few months into our marriage I discovered he had another side to him -- he was pathologically jealous, controlling and unreasonable to the point I felt like I was a prisoner in his house. It was a nightmare with him hurling constant accusations at me and picking fights with almost every day. Clinically this problem is known as a paranoid personality disorder (PPD). At first I wished him to change but I soon realized that I was being very naive -- he was just being who he really is and a leopard never changes his spots! When I realized there was no hope for him I decided to get a divorce. You see if you are in a relationship with some one whom you are trying to change then that relationship is never going to work. You can only change yourself. You can't change other people. So I weighed things up – I asked myself do I want to be with the wrong person or do I want to explore other possibilities and find real happiness? After that the decision was easy! Letting go of wanting a particular outcome (that is wanting my husband to change) has been very liberating for me. I now apply that to everything in life. So I got divorced. Couple of years later I met a wonderful man and got married to him and at the moment I am very happily married (we didn't even check horoscopes). I guess that is my reward for learning from my first marriage and making the inner transformation. To you Luv4god, I can say this -- sometimes for something really good to come into your life you need to clean up the clutter and debris from something that is not working for you. You need to make room other possibilities. Good luck.
  14. Bhairo ji, Thanks very much for the instructions.
  15. Dear Astro Gurujis ........ As for my original query, can someone please tell me if I will have success if I take the tantric path? My birth details are: DoB: 28/02/69 Time: 2.42pm Place: Colombo, Sri Lanka Many thanks.
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