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  1. Thank you a lot for the directions sir! Inner praharam is inside the sanidhi or inside the temple??? cos we r not allowed inside the inner sannidhi rite?? I will start my fast from this saturday onwards !! Thank you very much again sir!
  2. Thank you sir, I requested for deletion not out of anger bcos of the small tiff that happened. since i av been a mute visitor of the website for a long time and i knw arguments happen everywhere, i take it in the rite spirit but i did not not want new visiotrs who come to the forum to develop any bad impression abt you or ppena ji. if sum new visitor who seeks help see my topic and she/he happens to receive any directions from you or pablo ji and does not take it seriously bcos of the tiff tat happened in my case then the visitor will be at loss to miss directions from good people like you and ppena ji. tat is the only reason i requested for it's deletion, pls do not mistake me... And thank for your directions , i will check with my parents and do the shanthi as soon as possible.... Thank you sir!
  3. no... he was none of tat , he was my friend and i knew him for few yrs b4 our weddin... y?
  4. Namaste, I clearly see that I have a lot of problem from wat u av told... now i can understand y im leading such an empty life... i av always wondered tat god cud have not given this to me if he had to take it back.... as u said my parents were scared to see our astrological match as tat will linger in their mind forever...also tat is y his mother insisted on having the wedding in the temple.. i dont knw abt my past life but in this birth i av not done too many mistakes or even a 1 big mistake that can bring me such a terrible life... i knw my pain wud go if i leave him but tat is my problem.. My wedding happened in Guruvayoor temple.... the time was somewhere between 10:15 am - 10:50 am.... u knw how crowded the marriages in the temple r rite.... so we cudn check the time correctly. we had to push n pull to reach the mandap and get married. Sir i can surely wait until 2010 if they dont make a move for divorce. but my parents are looking to speak to him by end of this month, is tat ok? cos they r worried n my husband has not yet spoken formally to my parents abt separation. Also how is married life for him? he is leading a reckless life and acting like he is nearing his end he is so reckless in everything not jus in my matters but his own life as well. but i av to tell one thing though his life is reckless he is happy abt it n enjoyin every moment like there is no tomorrow..And his mother is planning to get him married again in 2 years from now..does he have a good future and a good married life for himself with me or without me? i really dont want him to get maaried to anyone else except me... tat wud kill me/... I clearly cannot live without him so im putting everything to help save this marriage and for his character he cannot find a person like me..ppl will exploit him. is there any parikaram that i have to do for myself and my husband? Pls advice! Thank you
  5. Thank you ji.... is there any specific way to worship Mars? please advice on the procedure and slokams or mantras for mars pls.... Also howz marriage life for my husband..? Pls advice...
  6. Thank you ppena ji.... your explanation is very great! thanks for tat i will definetly follow ur directions and pray to Guru .. thanks for your guidance!
  7. Thank you ppena ji..... i do see there is a lot of problem... I will definetly do as you said..... the book tat u suggested "greatness of saturn" is that in english can u tell me the author of the book.... And abt lord jupiter? what is the vedic name of this planet? and is the worship and pooja of this planet available in some book? please advice.
  8. y is no one willing to help? is tat bcos i explained my issue. mayb tats y. can some1 atleast advice how to delete this topic?
  9. Hi with due respect to eveyone who posted their advice... I understand my situation is worse but i was actually not looking for personal advice, though receiving it has been a kind of healing. I was looking for someone who can help me in reading our charts and provide me an overview of what is in store astrologically.... I see everyone is being helped in this regard with relevant posts except me.... Someone please help with my requests...
  10. Thanks a lot, Sakthi! i dont knw wats wrong with the universe i hear many people are having troubles like us... But thanks a lot for ur words and its healing...especially when its coming from someone who feels the same pain.. i have already started waitig very patiently these days cos the more i push, the more things go out of my hand.... I will surely wait confidently . after all i believe a lot in god and i know he will show me the light! Yes im expecting someone to help me with the horoscopes.... i have been viewing this site for about a month now and i clearly felt i cud get some serious directions here. im waiting for someone to come for my rescue like the brother of urs... I refresh this page every 15minutes to see if i have received some directions... hopefully i will receive soon... God bless u! God only does good to good people! Things will turn good for you!
  11. Please someone help me with the astrological clarifications... im new here and not aware of how to request for help.please help.
  12. Thank u Rohini_Nakshatra! i will try my best and leave the rest to god.... im still trying hard not to think of him and wait until god starts playing his game. But i came here to see if anyone can give me an insight on what is written astrologically.....I appreciate ur time and concern to my situation. thanks a lot.
  13. I really understand that its difficult to change a person's character but he was not like this before... that is why im worried ... it mite sound irritating when i still cry abt him and my life but im just not able to get rid of all tat feeling. i feel miserable and i want to understand if this is just a phase im facing in my married life or if this is the end of the story itself as per our charts.
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply!! But im really not ready for a divorce since I was true and so many things happened in so little time and I somehow feel i want my life back with my husband . I was and im still sincere and i really want to undertsand what went wrong and how to fix it. Please help me!! pls pls.
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