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  1. Thanks for your reply!Yes I asked 2 differen't people on the Krishna.com site, and they both told me that I should have a photo of them together, so i'm glad that I switched one of the photos and got a divine couple photo! Another question for everyone...can i put mala(garlands) around the pictures that i'm getting: Prabhupada, Pancha Tattva, Sri Sri Radha Krishna? Or is that only allowed for murti worship? I also have a tulsi mala, maybe I can put that around the Sri Sri Radha Krishna photo, or just only the Krishna photo?
  2. Well it turns out yesterday that I switched the Radharani photo, and got a divine couple photo which is very beautiful too, but I kept the other Krishna photo, so i'm happy..
  3. I have a quick question. Well i've gotten the main pictures for my shrine, which are the Pancha Tattva and Prabhupada. But when it came to Krishna I got a picture of him individually, and then I also purchased a picture of Radharani individually, and both Krishna and Radha are the largest pictures and so i'm planning on putting them side by side. Is that acceptable? Or does the picture of Krishna have to be with Him and Radharani? I've already bought the pictures, and so I'm hoping that this can still work?
  4. Do devotees in ISKCON live restricted lives? I'm Hindu and I'm very interested in ISKCON, and I'm planning on attending the regular Sunday feasts at the local ISKCON temple, but I've always wanted to travel the world and see new places and people, but i'm afraid that if you are a pure devotee that that won't be considered acceptable because i'm only thinking of myself here. So that is my question, can I be a Hare Krishna and still travel the world, enjoying all that I see?
  5. ok i'm lost...how many times does a non-initiate wrap the tulasi beads round their neck...i asked someone from the online krishna store and they said 2 times, but then i've heard some say 3 and others say 1...how many times is it?
  6. and verily, Kal Bhairo is Shiva: Shiva created a blazing Bhairava in human form, addressing this Kalabhairava as "Lord of Time-Death" (kala) for he shone like the god of Death: "You are called Bhairava because you are of terrifying features and are capable of supporting the universe. You are called Kala-Bhairava, for even Time-Death is terrified of you." He ordered him to chastise Brahma, promising him in return eternal suzerainty over his city of Kashi (Varanasi), the cremation-ground of the Hindu universe, where final emancipation is assured. In a trice, Bhairava ripped off Brahma's guilty head with the nail of his left thumb. Seeing this, the terrified Vishnu eulogized Shiva and devotedly recited his sacred hymns, followed in this by the repentant Brahma. Thereby they gained his protection by realizing and acknowledging the supreme reality of Shiva. The severed head immediately stuck to Bhairava's hand, where it remained in the form of the skull, destined to serve as his insatiable begging-bowl.
  7. Something that i find very dumb about this "Swami" is this info he gives us in one of his articles about the "evil" Kal Bhairo: "If we take off the letter ‘a’ from the end of ‘Kala’ we get ‘Kal’. And if we replace the ‘ava’ from ‘Bairava’ with the letter ‘o’, we get ‘Bairo’. Quite an ingenuous plan on the part of the swindlers who want to make money from innocent people," I surmised. He's basically saying that the local pujaries replaced parts of Kala Bhairava's name to form a name similar to his but having no relation to him. This is absolute stupidity. For any learned person would know that this is just a different pronunciation of Kala Bhairava. I see this a lot in the Bhojpuri language for common names of the Gods...such as the word devata is said as deota....just like the name Mahadeva is pronounced Mahadeo...just like Shiva is pronounced as Siew...you can see that it is the same name just a different pronunciation....it would fit clearly if we see that Kala can be shortened to Kaal or Kal(seeing how in Hindi the last 'a' would be silent) and the Bhairava would be shortened to Bhairo which is another pronunciation for it. So Kal Bhairo is the same as Kala Bhairava! Swami Ram Charran does not know what he's talking about!!!!
  8. wow..you're absolutely right! This is the most amusing part if you asked me! lol
  9. Once again i agree!! A great example is Mirabai, who was always seen dancing and singing the praises of Shyam!
  10. haha..exactly what i'm saying! I just think this Swami Ram Charran is a money making scam!
  11. For example this is what it says in first article: Generally, a person who worships Kal Bairo will have the following symptoms: Their body will darken in color Their eyes will have dark rings around them Their eyes may become red or pink Their body will vibrate during prayers They will experience pain in the joints Women will experience problems with their uterus The person will experience back pains, neck pains and headaches The person will have a lot of blockages in life - no job, broken marriage Women may experience sexual contact with evil spirits If religious mantras are being recited, the person may get up and dance The person may become addicted to tobacco and alcohol The person is always dressed in black clothes and is attracted to the color black HOW DOES KAL BAIRO COME INTO YOUR LIFE? From debts owed by parents or grandparents By eating food from a Kal Bairo sacrifice By eating prasad at a Kal Bairo or Kateri Puja By eating food from a death ritual By eating food from someone who is possessed by Kal Bairo By having sexual contact with a person possessed by Kal Bairo By eating red meat such as duck, beef or goat By sleeping in a North-South position By performing a Durga puja and offering the 10<sup>th</sup> prasad plate to Kal Bairo i mean come on....how far away from the truth can this man get?!
  12. I stumbled upon this website that is bashing Kal Bhairo, I mean it goes so far to say that this is the Devil. This so called "Swami Ram" has 5 articles that all bash Kal Bhairo and repeatedly calls him the Devil, which absolutely gets me upset. I don't think this Swami Ram knows what he's talking about, and he is just a golddigger, using innocent people to make money. here is the link to the first article labeled Evil Spirits: http://www.swamiram.com/articles/kalb.php
  13. but i don't mean to sound like i'm disagreeing, because I truly agree with you bhairo! the caste system is very wicked and i believe it's not humane, and it doesn't matter what caste you're from that defines you to certain gods and goddesses, everyone can worship the Divine, no matter where they're from!
  14. sorry you got all upset..i didn't come up with that paragraph, i was quoting it from another website to see what people felt, and obviously the caste issue is something that gets people going , and even so, the author of that essay is not saying anything bad about low caste people, he just uses that as an example of what is thought to be the common place to find possessions, but right after he says the first sentence he tells us that this is not correct because possession can be found within all castes and people who are poor or rich.
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