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  1. Hello all, Can anyone provide me with the e-mail id of Aatma tathva das? Please it is urgent Thanks in advance Appolonius
  2. Hi all, Can anyone suggest in which temple I can perform Pryathyangira homa in and around Bangalore? Thanks in advance Prathap
  3. Hi, ask any indian and he will tell u about Lord Vishnu. He is the true master of the universe and he is one among the trinity of gods Brahma,Vishnu and Maheswara. Brahma is reponsible for creation of the living beings where as Vishnu is responsible for the maintainance of living beings. Rudra is resposnible for destruction or death of living beings. Lord vishnu is an unbelievable power and he is the creator of universe. If u want to know all the things about Vishnu buy a copy of Vishnu puraan. There are several manthraas for doing his worship like Vishnu sahasthranaama, Purushasooktham, Vishnu sthuthi, Maadhwa sandhyaa vandhanam etc. These manthraas are available in market and u can buy them and start chanting them. There are many advanced prayers which u need not bother now. BYe Appolonius
  4. Hi ashi Thanks for the link. My cndition has improved drastically using amogh shiv kavach. Regards Appolonius
  5. Dear all and Sri.Emperor, Can anyone tell me the exact steps to perform amogha shiva kavacha.I found that there are many steps involved like karanyaasa and i suppose many pooja mudraas and pooja items need to be present for performing this. Can anyone teach me exactly how to perform this pooja. i have the text with me. Dear emperor , happy to inform u that i found this pooja extremely useful and the sounds stopped for almost 2 days completely. But my vision got a bit blurred in these days. But now the sounds are back !!two cheers to you . Regards Appolonius
  6. Lets forget jyothish manthras etc for a minute. I think the most effective solution to black magic is to recollect the events that led to the initiation of black magic. Usually black magic is a tool which is effectively used by people who are very ambitious and want to come to the top after removing all obtacles that come their way.So generally u will find great black magicians in places like big corporate houses and positions of power. So if u look around common people for black magic u will find that black magic is a myth and does not exist. Also black magic is a tool which is used occassionally only and not every now and then.For example to curb an employee who is creating problems in office(for instance). So a practical solution is to identify the person who did black magic meet him sort out the problems with him and finally u will find that u r free of black magic. So in this way the advantage is that even if u r an atheist u can come out of black magic by being practical. All other thanthras and solutions come to play only if u dont get a solution this way. Another observation of mine is that in cases of pwoerful black magic it is difficult to remove the possession by using any of the manthras or thanthras available now. I know that in Kerala itself people used to get rid of black magic many years back by going to experts. But there is a dearth of such experts now. So what I feel is better go for a practical solution than a religious solution. Regards Appolonius
  7. Dear Akshay, I am finding it very difficult to read Sanskrit:confused: . This is the reason why I am insisting that I need the manthra in english. Also listening to mp3 it is difficult to actually learn the manthra. Only if we are able to recite it every day we will be able to learn it. So can u pls provide the manthra in English. Thanks in advance Appolonius
  8. Hi all, Can some one please provide me with amogh Shiv Kavach text?Also I would like to know whether there is any special tune or raaga in which this has to be recited? If yesy which raaga and how? Mymail id is pratapsarma@gmail.com Regards Appolonius
  9. Black magic is a myth until it happens to you. Only if you suffer it you will come to know the pain involved... Just speaking..dont mistake for arrogance. Appolonius
  10. Hi all, Here is my conclusion on why Vishnu is blue. See these gods are basically powerful mahaarishis who started penancing so hard and subjected their bodies to several types of tortures before attaining god hood. So many a times it might so happen that they have penanced without food water etc and all these have had an adverse effect on their body. So they have slight bluish colur.Aint that cool? Regards Appolonius
  11. Hi ronin, Can u pls provide me with the name of a sage who can actually cure this completely..I am prepared to travel..I was adviced earlier by Ravindran kesavanji not to run from pillar to post in search of a solution.What u need to understand is that there is a lot of cheating going on this field. I have personally lost several thousand rupees trying to solve this. Also my physical condition does not allow me to travel much. So that is why I am not travelling.So if u can tell me one really powerful sadhu who can cure this I am prepared to meet him and cure this Regards Appolonius
  12. Hi, Can anyone send me the text of Amogh Shiv Kavach . I lost it yesterday . Also if it has the indentation it will be good. Regards Appolonius
  13. Hi all, What I could ascertain after my own personal experience is that the world is being run by asuras who have become powerful after getting boon from Lord Shiva. So for the time being asuras are at helm even indeva loka. hence we are seeing all the wrath in the world. After many years at the end of the kalpa Vishnu will again take avatar and destroy these evil creatures.So I feel it is better to be like asn Asura now:rofl: Regards Appolonius
  14. I dont understand why other threads and isues are posted in my thread. Ashi's issue is a totally different one whereas this thread is dedicated to black magic and its solution. Please note that we are desperated sufferers of Black magic and focus should not be shifted to other less severe issues like love failure and marriage. Please try and create a different thread for other issues. PLEASE !! Regards Appolonius
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