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  1. My blog on Germinating Rudraksha plants from seeds is here,From Hawaii to India a journey which took 7 years! - Home
  2. hindustani

    Big bang was not the beginning of time

    Test!! Looks this section of forum is still open....
  3. Sorry friends I could not able to fulfill my promise because I failed to record a clip from my dvd.
  4. hindustani

    Say your goodbyes...

    Best way to fight is Fight with yourself till you find the truth. regards to you ranjeete.
  5. hindustani

    Care for Cows Goshala in Vrindavan

    In western India you will find Gaushala in almost all major districts,point to be noted is 95% of them are being run by Jains and not by hindus/shivites or vaishnavas. My Namaskar to those who do this charity. Namo Arihantanam.
  6. Live Darshan May Shivji bless you.
  7. hindustani

    Say your goodbyes...

    I recently told to someone that I see the end of this forum but never expected the reality to strike so soon!Well one has to travel with time hence no regret,things must move on.During my stay I came across many members here like(coping list from Melvin's post and adding few others)theist, jndas, sant, primate, chandu, sambya, ranjetmoore, bhaktajan, gHari, smiley, kaisersose, sonic yogi, ksamha,gokulkr,Sarva Gattha,raghu,Ganeshprasad,Ravindra Keshavan and Ashok99(no idea where they are rt now),PrinceGoutham,srikant or sridhar and list still can be very long,forgive those whose name I forgot to add here. Few things I never heard before and the major one was demi god,ISKCON is doing a big sin by calling Shri Shivji using above term,results can be very very unforgiving of nature and my humble belief is this forum is closing down because of this sin commited by few here,many times I wrote your own god will punish for this theory and it is now happening!Very few really interesting posts I saw in recent past,most of them were fights between different sampradaya which is endless,may sense prevail and people stop fighting on who is mahan kind theory a total waste of time and energy. I am going to miss my friends,we met here may meet at some other places God Knows.May God be with you always,troubles will keep knocking our doors but if we focus our mind towards God those troubles will just passover our heads like a cool breeze. Om Namo Narayanayay, Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraya, Om Srimatre Namah.
  8. hindustani

    Who is a Vaishnav?

    May God save you in this case. The day you mark ^ for others(giving respect to them) you will win a battle of your life.Remember while using ^ always use v for yourself which is absent in your case. By the way do you call yourself Vaishnava?If so you are grossly WRONG because you even dont deseve to fit in that catagory.Those who can't use mouth, eyes and ears in proper manner and use tapori language CANNOT be Vaishnava,sorry buddy.
  9. hindustani

    Who is a Vaishnav?

    Ranjeet why to keep a fix mindset?We are not in any war zone or fighting for existance problem is Ego which must be killed including my own self.How to know Vaishnavas should be?Why not set an example by ourselves and take our standards as high as possible and then let someone ask who is he,reply will follow as he is Vaishnava!Good work need not any words,it speaks of itself.
  10. hindustani

    Who is a Vaishnav?

    I just quoted your emotions in your way nothing else. Yes Huh
  11. hindustani

    Who is a Vaishnav?

    Yes Huh
  12. hindustani

    Siva Puranam In MP3

    Original post is 2 years old!
  13. hindustani

    Proper Shiva Lingam Abishek

    There are many rituals we must follow while doing worship,In Ujjain we see bhasma arti for Shri Mahakal but that does not mean that cremation ground ash can be applied to every God,Godesses and Devas of hindu religion. This I wrote to him in my message hope you are now satisfied.
  14. hindustani

    Who is a Vaishnav?

    You are trying to built a house without basement and that technic I don't have. Man must look at his past to correct his mistakes,you are very rigid by self be like a butter and have flexibility to give space for improvement.
  15. hindustani

    Proper Shiva Lingam Abishek

    I have replied in PM to you dear jnd.