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  1. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Beautiful stone - ?sanskrit engraving

    It is written in sanskrit and says "namaste". namah - "obeisances", te - "to you"
  2. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Sandalwood paste stone

    Red sand stone is often used in Orissa. In South they use a black stone, but I don't know the name.
  3. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Avadhoota in sakkarayapattana(karnataka)

    Please post a photo if you have one. Thank you.
  4. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Testing, please ignore

    this is a test, please ignore.
  5. Jahnava Nitai Das


  6. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Rig Veda

    The present Rig Veda consists of 10,600 verses, whereas the Puranas state there are 1 crore verses. Thus the Vedas are 95% lost in modern times.
  7. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Rig Veda

    The Vedas are 95% lost. What we have left are the remnants.
  8. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Thanks JNdas

    I would just like to add one name to the list, that is Jaya Radhe Dasi, who passed away in the first few years of the forum. I think all the old timers know her. A very nice devotee and disciple of Prabhupada.
  9. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Say your goodbyes...

    Please email it to me: bvashram {at} gmail {dot} com. I think many would be interested in that, so maybe I can send it to our email newsletter list. I think I saw that in BTG 10 years ago. I tore it out and kept it in a box somewhere, where it is still sitting.
  10. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Thanks JNdas

    Thanks to you as well. You were there from day one and have participated more than anyone else.
  11. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Care for Cows Goshala in Vrindavan

    Here is a great website. It's the "care for cows" goshala website based in Vrindavan. They take care of injured, sick and abandoned cows from the streets of Vrindavan (the land of Lord Krishna). I have visited their goshala, and it is one of the greatest things I have seen. They really take care of these abandoned cows for life. Some of the cows come with very serious injuries from car accidents or attacks from wild dogs, but they treat them with modern medical equipment to help them recover, and then they maintain them for their entire lives. Home | Care for Cows in Vrindavan You can download their latest newsletters (in PDF format) here: http://careforcows.org/downloads/newsletters_0
  12. Here is a website I came across today that provides some simple lessons to teach yourself to play the Bengali clay Mridanga: Forum ‎(Mridanga, the drum)‎
  13. Sometime on August 8th we will be switching the forums to read only mode, which means it will no longer be possible to post new replies or new threads. After a month we will review the status, but it is likely that the forums will not be reopening after this. Thank you to everyone who has participated here over the years, and especially to those of you who have been here from the beginning (10 years ago). If you want to maintain contact with any of the other posters, please contact them by PM within the next few days to get their email IDs, so that you can continue communicating with them.
  14. Jahnava Nitai Das

    i am disturbed by agastya

    Agastya is definitely a siddha rishi, but don't let what some newspaper writes make you doubt him. Nowadays they write anything they like to get readers. They make up deities, like half hanuman/half ganesh in Madhya Kailash temple. Every week they need to come up with something spectacular to impress the readers, so they resort to making up all sorts of stories.
  15. Jahnava Nitai Das

    Proper Shiva Lingam Abishek

    Do as you like. In South Indian temples 108 Shankha abhishekam is common in Shiva temples. Everyone should follow their sampradaya. For example, you can see here a temple in Madurai advertising 108 Shankhabhishekam for Pradosham puja to Lord Shiva: /message/11434 You can also see Thirukkadavur Shiva temple near Kumbhakonam, where Markandeya Rishi performed Shankhabhishekam to Lord Shiva, and a Shankha Mandapam still exists there to commemorate the history: http://www.indianetzone.com/5/tirukkadavur_temple.htm