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  1. That is very sweet of you... Thank you, as I would like to remain in touch with you, as you seem to have a wide variety of knowledge about spiritual things. I also have many people who come to me who ask me for help with their evil spirit problems, and I have been trying to find a way to assist them in getting help for free as well...and would love to have an astrologer who is able to guide them as well because most of them are poor and have no where to turn. I am not sure if you would be interested in helping some people sometimes, but it was another reason I wanted to keep in touch with you. Thanks so much...Blessings...
  2. This is interesting indeed. I am still not understanding WHAT is painful about it? First you said that there is mental pain, then you said that the mind goes blank..I am not at all trying to argue, simply to understand what EXACTLY IS happening at the moment of death and WHY is it SO difficult to remember God in that moment? I know for myself, someone who has spent a great deal of life in physical pain, that remembering God when I am in pain can sometimes be difficult...however, at some points, it is quite easy because the pain can be SO great, that you cry out for help to God. So why is it so difficult? If the mind is going blank, I assume that would be a good thing, since that is what we try to do everyday when we meditate..is make our minds blank! Is it the attachments and the UNFUFILLED DESIRES that make it painful at the moment of death? I know that leaving your body through astral projection is not painful, as someone said earlier. Therefore, WHY IS IT HARD TO REMEMBER GOD?? Would love to know why if anyone knows!!
  3. i know I recently wrote, but did not ask about the health issues.. For a few years, I have been having twitching going in my body that is spreading. The last week, it has started in my right eye. I take LOTS of vitamins that pertain to why it could be going on...and other medications for my various health issues. I am wondering if anyone can see some reason in my chart as to WHY this twitching is going on? I know there are about 15 different astrologicaL aspects that relate to my health issues...but I would like remedies specifically for this twitching, since it is interfering with my life, if possible. It is in my left foot/ and has spread up the leg...now its in my eye...and is effecting my ability to see.. I can feel issues in my lower spine. When I walk, there are small fast twitches in my lower half of my body. I have seen SOOOO many doctors...MRIs all kinds of tests...they all say I am fine. Either they are missing something, or maybe it is astrological? Advice is really needed.. I would like to add that I intend to do the Maha Mritunjaya Siddhi Sadhana as soon as possible...do you think this would fix all the health problems? Thank you! May 1, 1975 Skokie Illinois US Daylight Savings 23.22
  4. I am not an astrologer, so you can get a detailed reply later...but Sade Sati means Saturn returns in English... It is a time when most people dread in life, and for many it is the worst period of their whole life! Many people undertake many remedies to try to prevent the havoc. My husband, for example, is undergoing his...NOTHING works for him. It all goes wrong...delays, complications, and he is facing HUGE HUGE debts on the brink of financial ruin. But for some it is worse than others..you seem to have an ok time, so I would not worry so much!
  5. Go and see a good Ayurvedic doctor. I watched a documentary on panchakarma and the condition called "cancer" in Ayurveda can apaprently be curd in 6 months... Sounds very hopeful, but if she is strong, maybe she can recover even after the killing of her body those western doctors did. Because that is what they did..they completely anhiliated her immune system! Panchakarma treatments quick! I would also like to add... daily enemas with a solution called Miracle Mineral Supplement...MMS...can be ordered from the west... Can cure AIDS, and all kinds of things..malaria in 4 hours... THis is what I would be doing.. Another option is OZONE insufflations..research OZONE/OXYGEN therapy..it is not O2 but o3 that is used..and when there is high enough amount of oxygen in the system, no mutations, bacterias, viruses or parasites can survive. Our friend had a brain tumor, she listened to us..went and got Ozone therapy, now she is fine! I can tell you these 3 things I just mentioned could TOTALLY CURE this lady and if I had it..these 3 things are EXACTLY what I would do and I have studied health for years.. I hope she does them!
  6. Please see another recent thread I wrote about PCOS and thryoid treatment. There are about a handful of doctors IN TEH WHOLE WORLD who have a clue about theyroid. BLOOD TESTS ARE NOT RELIABLE TO MEASURE THE THYROID. PERIOD! Your thyroid horomes change every 30 minutes...and should not be used to diagnose...you need URINE tests to measure levels in the TISSUES...most doctors have no clue about this.. PLEASE DO THE RESEARCH.. You can start here. www.stopthethyroidmadness.com-STUDY THIS CAREFULLY www.drlowe.com-top thyroid doc in the world..30 years research. thyroiduk.com DrLam.com - The Authority on Natural Medicine Thyroid Disease, Finding & Dealing with Doctors - Articles A DOCTOR HERE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE THYROID... http://forums.realthyroidhelp.com/index.php--FORUM..post results and get advice..BRILLIANT Most do NOT and you cannot rely on them..please seek care from one of these sources. You must research...do NOT listen to the standard doctors who think they know about it.>>THEY DON'T!!! Please trust me..get care here...Blessings..It took me a year of major suffering to discover this knowledge...do not pass it up!!!
  7. This is a page from my web site....My site is on black magic and evil possession...I would suggest you search for a Good spiritual healer to be sure your problems are NOT coming from spirit possession. But I am not a doctor, so you should follow your doctors guidance while also seeking spiritual cures. So please, do research... Sometimes, there are mental health symptoms that can point to black magic and other spiritual problems. Unfortunately, most of our mental health practitioners are not spiritually aware enough to recognize black magic and demonic possession, so we are simply classified as crazy and put into mental hospitals. It is a tragedy that many of our fellow brothers and sisters spend months, or years, of their lives in mental hospitals merely because of a lack of spiritual knowledge on behalf of the allopathic doctors. If people understood that many of these psychiatric/psychological conditions are actually caused by spirits and spiritual problems including black magic, then many of us could be spared a tortuous and miserable existence. I have even heard of cases where patients had been admitted to mental hospitals, but after chanting sacred, healing prayers and receiving work from magicians or exorcists, actually were discharged in a short period of time from the hospital and went on to function normally. Yes, sometimes the cure to certain types of mental illness can be a simple prayer. The so called disorders of mental health are so numerous, there are huge books written about them. And updated frequently. Sadly, doctors who keep putting these labels on these so called mental health disorders, usually cause more harm than good to their patients. "Schizophrenic" and "manic depression" are two examples. But it isn't just the perpetuation of labels and placing people in categories that is just plain wrong: it is the so called mental health professionals' inabilities to recognize the mental health symptoms of black magic and possession. This is what I have a problem with. I would never indicate that certifiable, clinical mental health disorders do not exist, only that the spiritual aspects of such conditions are overlooked and need to be addressed. Of course, in some cases there are causes that are rooted in chemical imbalances. And many of them can be solved by taking the proper vitamins, minerals, and alternative supplements. The problem we have currently within our mental health profession worldwide, is that it is often assumed that we have chemical imbalances, although the proper tests are not performed. In my past, I have personally been to several psychiatrists who were quick to write the anti-depressant medications that alter the way my brain functions sometimes permanently, yet who did not perform in depth tests to check my nervous system, my hormone levels, or the balance of my neurotransmitters. How can someone even think to write a very toxic and chemical medication to "balance" my neurotransmitters, if they do not know for sure they are imbalanced in the first place? Making such an assumption of my mental health symptoms based on an oral exam is total negligence. And everyone is falling prey to this every day, the world over. They are only examining our mental health symptoms, and not the holistic view of us as living beings, which includes our spiritual health. So much emphasis and faith is placed in allopathic medicine, that I think is misdirected. The overwhelming illnesses, in spite of the presence of allopathic medicine, is proof of this theory. Alternative medicines need to be considered first when addressing health problems, and particularly disorders of mental health. If I would have taken those medications, not just the regular medications, but all the times I was given medications for my numerous physical problems, my possessed state would have worsened considerably. I am not a doctor, but someone who has experienced things that the average person never would have lived through. Therefore, I feel I am in a position to make claims and give advice to those who are facing similar situations: anyone who has been properly diagnosed by more than one person as being a victim of black magic/demonic possession should TRY to avoid prescription medications at all costs, unless your life will end without them. Taking these medicines opens you up to attract the negative energies and doing so makes a space for them to enter. Keep taking them. Keep seeing your doctor. But work toward getting off the medicine, if you are able. Try to avoid medications if possible, especially those that effect your brain chemistry or affect your mental health symptoms. But do not stop them, if you have been instructed by a doctor. I strongly urge you to turn to a reputable and experienced exorcist. Do not be misguided by the mainstream pharmaceutical companies who want to prescribe you drugs to make you sicker, so they can take more of your money, which often just exacerbates your mental health symptoms. Instead, commit to true healing, which involves thorough examination of your physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual well-being. In fact, for true relief for any mental health symptoms that you may be facing not only because of black magic/spirit attachment/demonic possession but for any reason at all, you must take a holistic point of view to your health which involves looking at all levels of your being. This is the only kind of approach that will allow you to truly heal.
  8. vkomal.. I suggest starting a new thread for your request...
  9. PS..I sent you an email...maybe you did not get it? Please check your spam/trash folder...
  10. To the original poster...Which way was the crow flying...was it flying from right to left when it struck, or from left to right??? Although these are all indications of Shani, crows are also the symbol of magic and occult. Are you or your family being effected by black magic in any way?
  11. I am going to ask more questions, but I still do not understand WHY I cannot continue with the sadhana during the menstrual period, and why is it that I would not be able to touch the idol? What would happen? Besides saying that the woman is "impure" at this time, I am wondering if you could offer a more thorough explanation? Were these directions written in the scriptures that a woman should not participate in spiritual practice during her cycle? Details are most welcome. I will get back to you with further questions...again, thanks so much for your time! I am eager for my lingam to come.
  12. No no! Please do not take this privately! I need to see what you are saying! Here is the thing... Firstly, thank you for replying in great detail. I have found these bits of information online....and like I said, they are useful. But they are basic. I want to recite the actual mantras that are recited during a REAL puja. Although English is my only language, I learn mantras very easily. I can learn mantras/slokas bhajans after 2 times hearing them, if I can read and hear it at the same time. So I am very eager to learn the PROPER mantras/slokas to recite during a puja at home. I do not want to only chant Om Nahama Shivaya or the Mrityunjaya mantra...I want to invoke God like like if there is a puja at home. Full strength and power...not just through a simple prayer. I hope this makes it clear...Where can I find the proper recitations to do this?? What are these prayers called? Do you know how I can learn them??? I would very much appreciate if the two of you would disagree in this thread!!!!
  13. When they refer to "better" I assume that they refer to the amount of energy that is generated and clenased from you when you do the worship. I cannot imagine that it would mean anything else except referring to the amount of ENERGY and power that the worship results in...??
  14. I have searched on line for many hours to find directions of how to do Shiva Lingam worship at my home. I speak only English, and the limited information I found says to do abishek chanting Om Namaha Shvaya with at least 5 ingredients. This information is better than nothing, but I am getting my Parad Shiva Lingam in a few days and I need to know how to do a proper puja. Can someone please please, describe in detail to me how to properly worship this lingam when it arrives? I specifically would like to know which mantras/chants have to be performed, as I wish to do the proper abishekam each day with the correct prayers. Iti sok if the puja will take some time, I wish to do it each day. I have health issues, among many other financial, and relationship issues, so if there are specific pujas/practices to cater to these problems, it would be best. I read somewhere that if you offer certain items it will alleviate those issues? Either way, if someone could please please provide me with detailed directions, I need them urgently. Blessings...
  15. Thank you for the last response. But if that were true, why does it indicate all over that some lingams produce more effects than others? It is said that the Parad Shiva Lingam produces millions of more power and strength than worshipping a stone one. Is there any truth to this? Also, what IS the correct worship of a lingam? What prayers should be recited for a proper puja? Where could someone find those? Thanks again...
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