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  1. Hare Krishna!! Thanks Atul. That was helpful. So, if the Moksha is upon us to achieve, then why it is that people are looking for good Mokshakaraka/Atmakaraka in their chart. Doesn't it help anyway achieving the Moksha? I understood what you mean by your statement. Just was curious. Between, I am Engineer by profession and also thinking of starting business. But right now, I am in USA where being non-Citizen/PR, certain rights are limited or restricted. I am waiting for the right time. Besides, what do you mean by Sade Sati, the name looks little intimidating! Thanks again.
  2. Hare Krishna!! Can anyone at least give some fundamental observations? Thanks.
  3. Hare Krishna!! I have lived through much loneliness and distress in my life even though I am surrounded by a family. From my childhood, I always had problems with the external worldly norms and customs. I always wanted to live in a solitude but somehow I cannot let go of family relations. Here is my chart that I got from some software. Can you interpret this? I have attached it.
  4. Hare Krishna!! I am not much familiar with Jyotish, please can anyone tell me whether my chart is conductive to perform devotional service while living in social platform? What should I be doing in order to get Moksha in this life time? What profession I should be in? Marriage Prospect, etc. My details are as follow. Birth - May 19, 1983 Time - 00:15 Latitude - 22° 18' N Longitude - 70° 56' E Thanks.
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