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  1. Thanks a lot. Please mail me scanned copy of the article in The tribune.My e-mail ID:prkkkd@rediffmail.com with regards
  2. 1.Eat fully riped soft PAPAYA fruit every day 2.Do 3 minites each of the following asanas Dhanurasana Halasana Bhujangasana Paschimottasana 3.Take 2 triphal tablets of Dbur/Zandu make after dinner with plain water With in few hoursyou will get rid of the problem
  3. Respected Members, Please help how to cure Schizophrenia with Ayurveda / nature cure therapies de
  4. kanchanara guggl is for thyroid problems;stopping of kanchanara guggul for a while till you cld contact your vaidya will relieve you from joint pains etc.or you canredue the dose to 1 tab twice a day. Triphala is to reduce weight.Better to take after dinner once in a day.Asoka is for regularisng periods and twice a day is sufficient. Aswagandha and satavary each 3gms with milk after break fast is good for curing PCOS,Anemia and Fatigue p
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