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  1. Can anyone please give me details of the sarangpur hanuman temple which is located near Ahmedabad..? I believe priests here perform exorcism and since i am affected by black magic, i think it will help me to visit this temple.. Thanks in advance, Greatt
  2. Now thats what i call i really cool ubercool post
  3. this is one of the few questions that actually makes sense. Although God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent, he WILL NOT stop you from doing bad. IT is for you to "discern" right from wrong. There is always prior information for a prospective evil person to decide if he really wants to commit "the sin". He may give you strength to resist the temptation but does not prohibit you or anything like that. The whole point in BEING is defeated if God interferes in any matter which is meant to be discerned by the human intellect. quoted from bhagvad gita: “One gradually attains tranquillity of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in the Self by means of a well-trained intellect, and thinking of nothing else.” "The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument.” “One who has control over the mind is tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor; and is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self.” These quotes support my answer to your question. The mind is the centre of all activity. YOU are totally responsible. It is for us to use our free will and decide what is the best action. Narayana is reflected in every good action, good intention, good deed. As for the question of why people are not protected when evil is committed against them, there are, definitely many cases to this scenario: 1) IF there is a danger to that person(to whom crime is being committed) then, it is correct for him to be in danger at that time( as God decides). If innocent people are killed, it is meant for them to be killed. 2) Sometimes even if the person to whom the crime is being committed does nt deserve death, but still he dies: if this is the case, then criminals and victims will be given justice. The whole point to understand is that constantly there is free will everywhere. IT doesnt mean what you say: "He is either incapable of stopping evil (that is, he is not all-powerful), or He doesn't care if there is evil in the world (that is, he is not all-good).". I'll tell you why. There is a huge responsiblity on the mind , irrespective of there being a god or not. For personal actions, freewill precedes god's intervention. God will not intervene at everything. A group of evil people coming in contact with a group of good people to torture them is a possibility we have to accept. What i mean to say is that God will not intervene in absolutely everything, he leaves it to people's free wil. He does not validate killing in the name of any god nor does he "always" stop their actions. In such times praying to God for protection( to avoid gathering around evil people) is important. The way God needs to be understood, is not only by the way of spiritual arguments but there are also many logical argurments. Vaishnava philosophy tells people to live, decide and discern logically and have failth in god. It is weird but i wont say that you have to take the name ot Vishnu, even if you pray to just "God" and not "Vishnu" it would be just as good; because you are still unsure who the real god is(his name, i mean), Visnu will respond if you ask "God"; hence it is one way of validating that Vishnu is the only God. This works ofcourse only if, you hold no doubt about other demi-gods(like Allah, actually he is a pagan god called "Sin" in the mesopotamian pantheon) or Jesus( He is actually a prophet and no, even i am a son of god). If my argument is inconsistent or lacking strength to drive the point, let me know.
  4. This is probably a big plot against your success by your bua and chachi, they are jealous of you or something. Your aura is being polluted by their ill intent and they have done some terrible black magic(whose mechanism i can only speculate would be to send some kind of spirit that gives weird dreams and sucks/ manipulate your physical "prana"(it is the essential read about it on google, which spirits feed on) due to which your experiences are so drastic and even physically influencing. There are many well known babas who are really good at their work who can help you. I myself have gone to this baba: Dr. Prakash Indian Tata although i had weird health problems, my problems were more related to astrology. It may not have made much sense for me to have gone to him but i think your case is very deserving of his service. He is NOT a tantrik , he is a man who has attained many siddhis by meditating from the age of 6 to 20 years of age. You can check his info on youtube.com(actually i saw his stuff on mano ya na mano on star utsav). His practices are also not tantrik, he only meditates on people auras and check if there is some trail or something evil attached to it and he can trace the energy of it( you can say he is psychic). Until you actually seek a real solution to this problem, i can only tell you keep away from your bua/chachi and recite narayan kavach and hanuman chalisa. Many a time such evil vengeance from some women( in your case, bua/chachi) and then, women performing black magic (which definitely involves some or the other aspect of Goddess Durga, as they only tend to make wrong use of such a powerful Goddess); can be a very difficult problem to actually resolve. "also in my dreams i see temples gods and real ones ...these places i have never visited in person but they do exist as i get to know later" this means that sometimes there are also solutions in your dreams. You definitely need to find out about these temples and visit them. There is a Kamakhya Temple which is the only worldwide-recognised tantric temple in guwahat in assam where many tantriks come to perform you know, rituals, quite recognised as they are, you may try giving it a thought. -> Dont accept anything that your bua/chachi give you to eat. -> Try to avoid directly looking into your bua/ chachi's eyes. That "negative will power" is transmitted by their eyes. -> Try reciting any hanuman mantras and visualise defeating their drishti. For example, since your fav god is shiva, try visualising shiva by your side and crushing all the negative energy that your bua is sending with his trishul. Or even reciting hanuman mantras at the time you interact with them could be very useful. -> try having "ganga jal" every morning after bath. -> wash tulsi leaves in ganga jal and hold it in your palm. Chant hanuman chalisa and any shiva mantra that you like and after that, INTEND that all your problems are solved, THEN eat it. Personally i feel that any religious practice that is concerned with durga needs great discipline, mental and personal hygiene and pure sattvic intentions. It is a difficult practice and since Durga ma is most pious even to evil spirits, these attach to her wherever there are prayers or hymns of any form of Durga devi. IT IS observed that people have weird experiences with the practice of durga ma especially because of this. IT IS better if you can worship Parvati devi instead of Durga for the reasons of which i have stated in this paragraph. And it is actually because of this reason that elders who have posted on this thread have told you to have a proper guidance from a guru to practice chandi paath; as your guru will make sure the "way to worship Durga" is clean and without influence of bad spirits. Hope you get well.
  5. to angelic_devil: your posts are really interesting and truly, awesome. i dont have much experience with worshipping chandi devi but the richness of experience that you have shared in your previous threads really got me awestruck. May you get all the answers you seek and may all truth be known.
  6. and this is also a partial answer(according to your perspective) to my last question. It is also Lord Vishnu's illusion(Maha-maya) that it is "shown" that he does not show Lord Vishnu as the lord. In effect, i mean to say that Shiva's proclamation that he himself is the supreme lord is in accordance/ by consent of Lord Vishnu and Vishnu himself is supporting the clearly false self proclamation of shiva. Your logic does not validate that "Shiva is not a mukta- atma" ( i suppose so, if it is clear that i understand what you meant). -><-
  7. this above quote makes a whole lot of sense. It is an eye opener for me. Can you please tell me which source have you quoted this from:"shiva is not a mukta-atma" ? I have no knowledge of any scriptures, nor am i part of any proper insitution or under any guru to know and understand WHAT IS WHAT; hence i also seek answer to this question: when you say:"Vaishnav sects suggest absolute surrender along with bhakti as a short cut to mukti, and practising bhakti as a separate tool for moksha is also recognised.", do you mean that surrendering or praying to Vishnu, one will definitely get moksha? If that is so, then shiva must be mukta-atma since (i assume), his bhakti is of Lord Vishnu? How does one gain mukti without bhakti to Lord Vishnu? Is it karma yoga of a person that gives him mukti without actually praying to Lord Vishnu? Thank you.
  8. Respected gurujis and elders, i have come across the use of yogini dasha in a supposed narrative b/w lord shiva and goddess parvati. Lord shiva is supposed to have told: "The dashas propounded by various ancient masters were excellent for the three yugas – Satyayuga, Tretayuga and Dwaparayuga – but for Kaliyuga, dasha calculatation based on Yogini dasha is great for giving all types of results.Out of the three dashas applicable at the time of birth, Vimshottari dasha should be applied for the births at night during Shukla Paksha and Ashtottari dasha for births during day in Krishna Paksha. In all other cases Yogini dasha gives results." I wanted to enquire about the latter part(underlined). IS this to be taken for sure? I mean, if a person is born in the excluded case of neither being born in krishna paksha/morning time nor shukla paksha/evening time, yogini dasha is the MOST IMPORTANT to interpret the person's events(or possible tendencies)? what is, apart from the above argument, the difference b/w vimsottari, ashtottari and yogini dasha and which in general is superior? I also want to know what is the role of atmakaraka(planet in the highest degree). Does the role of atmakaraka become prominent if it is situated in trine to the lagna(5th or 9th house) or in the lagna itself? Also, is there a definite , simple approach to map an event in a person's life(regarding career, health etc) to either of/ all of the following: 1. rashi chart 2. navamsha chart 3. the more prominent dasha among the three (as mentioned in the 1st part of this message. 4. i think this is most important: comparing the current transit of planets with the rashi chart/ navamsha chart and simultaneously looking at the current dasha(most prominent dasha selected) 5. The role of rashi dashas like narayana dasha. I think i may be asking too much here but can anyone please explain how the last point (point no. 4) is actually executed? eg. mars in rashi chart trine or in kendras to mars in transit? Is it actually more difficult to read(astrological reading) than what i just mentioned above? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I am learning astrology by myself and need to understand the afflictions induced by rahu. Given that rahu is friendly towards mercury, venus, saturn; is it safe to conclude that generally, rahu has a malefic effect(if placed neutrally or strongly) for all lagnas whose sign is ruled by jupiter, mars, moon or sun? I would want to know what is rahu's best house(own house or house exaltation). If malefic planets are located in rahu's own house, will it result in afflictions regarding the malefic planets that are located in rahu's own house? I am trying to interpret my own natal chart and having too many immunity related health problems since a long time. Basically rahu and jupiter are in the 1st house(pisces) and mercury and sun in the 12th house. Saturn in 9th house is aspecting first house (and hence both rahu and jupiter, trine aspect). Is it correct to conclude that mercury and sun are afflicted by rahu(assuming rahu's own house is 12th house). I have read on some website that rahu's affliction of mercury causes paralysis, insomnia, and constipation. I have constipation and insomnia since the last 8 years. Is it because of this affliction? I am also confused if rahu's affliction of moon brings problems similar to its affliction of mercury? i want to narrate my experience here. I have been advised to wear pearl and yellow sapphire but there were too many problems like mind fogginess, confusion, insomnia, debility and constipation all increased by atleast 5 times because of pearl and yellow sapphire!! I concluded that if benefic planets are afflicted, then they actually become malefic. I have actually read this same thing on many websites. Benefic and/or own planets(of moon sign and ascendant) become malefic if afflicted by generally malefic planets. In such cases what remedies should one do. If own planets are themselves afflicted, is it ok to do the remedies of the generally malefic planet that is actually afflicting the benefic planet? Can someone please tell me all the remedies for rahu in that case? Is is advisable to wear gomedh in such cases? Or is it better to do general remedies like donating black gram, etc etc. I think jupiter, mercury, sun, moon and mars are all afflicted by rahu in my natal chart: -> Jupiter conjunct rahu -> mercury and sun in 12th house and rahu in 1st house -> mars and moon in 2nd house(aries) and rahu in 1st house(what kind of affliction is this? I believe its an affliction because both pearl and red coral also proved troublesome to me). Actually saturn in 9th house is aspecting 2nd house(9th house - scorpio, 2nd house- aries). I think this is actually causing all afflictions(saturn in 9th house). Currently my Mars/Rahu dasha is going on. -> venus is in 11th house(capricorn) aspecting 9th house(Saturn) and 1st house(jupiter and rahu). I think this is the most malefic planet but, i think( i may be wrong) it is also the least afflicted planet. Imagine this: the most malefic planet is the least afflicted. Maybe even venus is afflicting mars and moon( venus in capricorn, 11th is square both moon and mars in 2nd house, aries) If it helps analyse afflictions of rahu and saturn better, you can use my information: dob: 5th march, 1987. time: 7.41 am.place: hyderabad, india I also want to know how saturn and rahu work together to cause afflictions..According to lal kitab (i think), it says that if rahu is placed in earlier houses than saturn, then saturn becomes rahu's agent for affliction and vice versa. I have also heard that rahu causes afflictions only if mercury, moon and/or mars are afflicted either directly by rahu or by rahu's friends: saturn, venus or ketu. Is this correct? I am processing too much information and am left utterly confused. Thank you.
  10. it is said that 8 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Ganesh and 9 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Durga. But, according to the same webistes that i got this info, they also say that 8 mukhi rudraksh is related to Rahu and 9 mukhi to ketu. Since Lord ganesh is related to ketu, i think it should be the other way around, i.e 8 mukhi related to ketu and 9 mukhi with rahu. I am unsure, because i want to buy a rudraskha that is related to rahu(to decrease His malefic effects) and am not knowing which rudraksh is related to it. Please help!
  11. it is said that 8 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Ganesh and 9 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Durga. But, according to the same webistes that i got this info, they also say that 8 mukhi rudraksh is related to Rahu and 9 mukhi to ketu. Since Lord ganesh is related to ketu, i think it should be the other way around, i.e 8 mukhi related to ketu and 9 mukhi with rahu. I am unsure, because i want to buy a rudraskha that is related to rahu(to decrease His malefic effects) and am not knowing which rudraksh is related to it. Please help!
  12. it is said that 8 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Ganesh and 9 mukhi rudraksha is related to Lord Durga. But, according to the same webistes that i got this info, they also say that 8 mukhi rudraksh is related to Rahu and 9 mukhi to ketu. Since Lord ganesh is related to ketu, i think it should be the other way around, i.e 8 mukhi related to ketu and 9 mukhi with rahu. I am unsure, because i want to buy a rudraskha that is related to rahu(to decrease His malefic effects) and am not knowing which rudraksh is related to it. Please help!
  13. Can someone please explain what is moola dasha and what does it signify?
  14. Quote: <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td style="border: 1px solid rgb(102, 102, 102); padding-left: 3ex; padding-right: 3ex;" bgcolor="#e0e0e0"> Originally Posted by raghu This is from the siddha-pranali thread. As a matter of good net-etiquette, I did not want to cause that thread to go off on a tangent, so I started a new one. Now my question is this - and this is primarily for Vaishnavas, since Advaitins and Neo-Advaitins may not really care one way or another. If you say Shiva is God, and that he is the same as Vishnu, they why object to Shaivism? Why object to the idea that one can worship Shiva for liberation? In this regard, Gaudiya Vaishnavism seems far less like pure Vaishnavism compared to previous traditions. But then again, I have also read repeated references to Shiva as "demigod" in the iskcon books, which makes the GV position on Shiva somewhat inconsistent. </td> </tr> </tbody></table> <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> All gods or demi gods (whatever you may call them) who are in the taratamya( a relative grading of gods according to the effectiveness of the potential for moksha that is created AND NOT on the basis of "who is more powerful", which is followed by dwaitins), are important to worship in Vaishnavism. The objection to Shaivism stems only from the fact that Shaivites reagrd Shiva as Supreme Godhead. Interestingly, By doing this, shaivite people follow a different direction other than that of moksha. But it is not an objection, actually(see last part). In Vaishnavism, it is very important to worship demigods( demigods are defined as those gods whose body is destructible(kshara devatas) by Vishnu, Vishnu and Lakshmi, having Akshara bodies) since these gods really help the devotee to find physical and emotional strength required to tread the difficult path of attainment of moksha. You have no idea how respected Shiva is, in Vaishnavism as he is the greatest Vaishnava, and he helps Vaishnavites during the struggle to attain moksha(again, moksha is a difficult concept, it can, very basically , be explained as "LEARNING TO GIVE UP THIS WORLD"). So does Hanumun, Parvati, Ganesha and all other gods. An interesting point: Gods have different roles in different traditions(or so called hindu castes of advaita, vishishtadvaita(ramanuja) and dwaita(madhwacharya). Those who are born as Advaitins(Shaivites) need to experience the fruits of whatever Shiva offers when someone worships Him. According to my experience, a person who worships a God attains qualities like Him. example those who worship shiva become materialistically benevolent, wanting to help others, perhaps when angry their outburst is violent(Rudra). Those who are born as Vishishtadvaitins(of Ramanuja tradition) need to experience in this life, fruits of mixed nature: both materialistic and spiritual( that is to say, they will use their +ve materialistic past karma to get to(in the path of) attain moksha. Those who are born as Dwaitins(Madhwacharya) need to experience the final struggle of giving everything up in order to ascend ABOVE pleasures of flesh( includes eating, sleeping, mating, ambitiousness to achive anything materialistic) , in the process, learning to never be born again(its the soul that is learning, or what one might call the higher self). It is important to note the importance of all the other demi gods as they will help the person learn to lose everything. Demi gods are pure representative of everything materialistic(starting from basic happiness in life to marriage, family(denoted by Parvati devi), scientific learning(denoted by among many others: ganapati and bhrgu), etc etc). Those who are born as Krishnologists(ISKCON) or gaudiya Vaishnavites are also on the same path(more or less) as those of Vishishtadvaitins. Those who are born as Muslim or Christian have in their soul's goal, to catch up on many many things materialistic. In other words, they need to experience worldly pleasures. Those who worship tribal deities( whatever tribal lands there are), only pray to thank and request the continuation of materialistic benevolence of food, clothing, shelter, medicines, hunting etc etc. Those who are born as buddhists are very similar to Shaivites, except that their learning aims to transcend human souls to "buddhalands"( different kinds of "heavens" presided by various bodhisattvas) inorder to help mortal people in the matters of say health, relationships, career etc etc(same materialistic benevolence as Shaivism). example of bodhisattvas: avalokitesvara, amitabha. As an assertion to the above para, when i recite Shiva panchakshari and concluding phalastuti which reads "panchaksharamidam punyam, yahpathet shiva sannidhau. shivalokamavapnoti shivena saha modate" The latter sentence in the above quote says that whoever is a devout worshipper of Shiva goes to Shiva's land(Shivaloka). Shivaloka is a kind of buddhaland(or some kind of heaven). Different gods give different fruits. According to what a soul has to learn, it is born in different religions or castes or whatever. Atheists are not a big exception to this rule. Those who dont worship any god, have everything in their "logic" and intelligence to learn what is needed to learn in their current life. Learning here means not much "knowledge" as much as "experience". Experience will yield the truest knowledge. IT does NOT matter who you worship(as Supreme godhead). You will worship what your caste specifies or your ishta devata or whatever. The reason why you worship a particular deity is more important: its because that is the area in your karma that you need to learn about, in this life. According to my experience with different worships of hindu gods, I have found a difference in the worship of Krsna and Vishnu. krsna is an avatar of vishnu. It is also correct that Krsna is an expansion of Vishnu and not vice versa. this statement may seem redundant but it is not, since it is important to discern and diffrentiate even between avataras of the same god. Same with different forms of Shiva. And powerfully applicable to different forms of durga. tell me if my facts are inconsistent with anything you believe. .
  15. You people are really helpful. I have tried everything you guys've mentioned. I have experienced most of my above mentioned problems after i had my thread ceremony (i am a brahmin) when i was 20. I am a pure vegetarian and i cant even stand eggs. Wheatgrass does help a little bit. I have been taking it for quite some time now. I have worshipped Vishnu and His truest form of Narayana(Vishnu and Narayana are synoymous while other avatars represent a specific aspect of the personality that He wanted to portray). The effects of this worship i had mentioned in the following thread. http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/451451-worhsip-narayana.html I pray to Vishnu everyday and I know i am on the right path and that everything is happening for the good. I will eat more fruits and do pranayama. Thank you!
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